Are You Running Low On Positive Energy And Optimism? Try These 5 Tips…

Are You Running Low On Positive Energy And Optimism? Try These 5 Tips

If a room floods with water, we find the water source, stop it, and then work on taking the water out of the room. We can try to take a bucket and start taking water out of the room while flooding; however, unless we prevent more water from coming in and attacking our room, it will never be over. The bucket will only do the minimum job of removing water. The same things happen with our energy process: It is common for us to try to find ways to boost our energy or feel more optimistic. However, as important as it is to find positive energy, it’s also essential to stay away from negative energy, and even carry an energy charge kit with us in case we run into an unplanned energy-draining process.

From personal life experience, I here share five things that helped me control my energy. You may find them helpful.

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1) Stay away from energy vampires

As the name suggests, energy drainers, aka energy vampires, will leave you exhausted. You will recognize them when you run into them. Nothing in their lives is working for them, from traffic lights to the situation of the country. What may start as empathy and sympathy can leave you energy drained and feeling guilty about starting the conversation. Please do yourself a favor, save your life by drawing the lines and let them find someone else to listen to their never-ending complaints.

2) Control your friend circle

My friend circle includes Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Evan Carmichael, John Maxwell, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet, and other successful people like them. I met them through their books, their lectures, their videos, their podcasts, etc. I speak to them all the time through their content, their books, their videos; you see, if we cannot find a right circle outside, we can create a process of our desire. In today’s modern technology, we can choose who we want to listen to instead of insane news and stories with nothing to do with us. Even if people in the family bring us down, we must establish boundaries to save energy. We do not have to listen to everything that is being said to us. It may seem hard at times, but it must be addressed to use our strength for our goals and visions instead of wasting it in discussing things with no solution.

3) Carry an energy recharge kit with you

Just like other tool kits, we must keep an energy kit. This kit can include anything that gives us energy. This kit can carry tools to help us in downtimes, from calling a friend to listening to a motivational podcast. It happens a lot that we get caught up in something that we had no intentions for or something that just came up, and now we feel exhausted. It can be an unwanted argument at work to watching stressful news sitting at home. With the energy recharge kit, we refresh our energy and keep going.

4) Control your surrounding

In today’s world, we barely get a chance to think about something. Before we can process one thing, something else starts coming through media or social media, etc. We have not finished listening to our boss, and then we see a newscaster talking about something. The moment that goes away, a health trainer on Facebook tells us everything about food cautions. And if that is not enough, as we go to sleep, the weather channel forecasts our days ahead of time. It is a consistent cycle of depression and anxiety. However, one thing we can do is control our surroundings. We can remove negative channels from our social accounts and only allow positive content to listen to or watch.

We, humans, think in pictures, and so can you see the effect of photos people have on them. We must stay away from the gloomy picture as it stays with us for the longest time. I have found reading negative news better than listening to them. We can control how much we digest when we read vs. when someone is continuously bombarding us negativity in our ears or through pictures. We do not need to get hammered by other people’s opinions. Or news that more than likely is not valid. Or something that is not in our control. We can pick and chose who we want to listen to by eliminating the negative channels out of our social content. It might appear fun to watch a street fight, but it leaves one with frustration and negativity, and anger that we do not need. It works better if we watch or listen to channels speaking our message as it saves us from negativity and helps us stay on track.

5) Forgive yourself and others before you start your day

There are things that we can control, and there are things that we cannot control. But one thing for sure is that we cannot go back in time and change something. Suppose our heart has reservations against ourselves or someone else; it’s a consistent energy-draining process. Even when you feel full of energy, negative thoughts like this can suddenly change your moods and leave them frustrated. Therefore, before we go to bed and before we start our day, it is better to forgive ourselves and others, saving our energy for something beneficial for us and everyone around us.

We all grow together. I love you all


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