Are You Choosing FOR What You Want?

When you really think about it, are you choosing for the things you want in life?

Wanting and choosing for are not the same things. There’s a real vibrational difference between you saying, “I intend ‘x’ to happen,” and “I choose for ‘x’ to happen.”

Door #2 hits you in the gut.

Choosing for lands you right in your 2nd chakra where you need to look at how willing you are to open a door and walk over the threshold.

It’s when you’re working in the realm of “choosing for” that you realize, for this thing to manifest, a whole bunch of other things might need to change too.

You must change.

Which brings us to where most people are really stuck.

What hasn’t lined-up for people who feel stuck around getting something to manifest in their lives is the deep realization that their “choosing for” has nothing to do with their mind.

In fact, it has nothing to do with the things they want at all.

It’s all about who they need to grow into to have that thing. And, a deeper aspect of their energetic reality needs to be on board, choosing for this change, before anything can happen.

And that energetic resonance isn’t always a given.

The big obstacle.

Sometimes the first obstacle to getting what your heart and spirit desires is getting to the point of truly choosing for something to actually be so.

You have to get out of your head and any dreamy idea of “wouldn’t it be great if…” and get into your 2nd chakra where you say, “OK, I’m doing this. I’m going to look at my stuff and choose for ME to be different.”

Gulp. Deciding to deal with your stuff – basically choosing to become a whole new you in the process – can be scary… even if you want what’s on the other side of that change, big time.

To get where you want to get to, you need to recognize where your energetic reality is unwilling to meet your mind. You’ve got to figure out how you are fighting your own growth and then learn how to be a whole new version of you; the YOU who can embody the life you seek.

There’s no magically landing on the other side of your growth. Choosing to change is needed – every step of the way.

Let’s call this “full-resonance change.” And where most of us get stuck is in the commitment to that.

It’s time for some truth-telling.

I work with a lot of people who show up to our work together feeling stuck and confused. And the first hurdle we move through is to fully say yes to change; to move beyond the idea of what the change will allow them (the cool, dreamy stuff), to truly saying yes to being different.

And that’s not always easy. Their head is saying, “Of course I want to change.” They’re working under the assumption that every aspect of their reality is then choosing for it to be.

Not so.

When you’re stuck like this, the energetic work is to unravel your resistance to fully choosing for something to the point that you’ll commit to whatever you need to do to grow personally and spiritually to be the person who can have what you seek.

And if you’re really hitting the up-level button on your life, when you recognize how deeply you might change, it can bring up some deeply-held patterns and a whole lot of resistance to letting them go.

So, back to if you’re choosing for what you want.

Ask yourself this:

• Is there some part of me that prefers to stay stuck or small?

• Am I willing to do everything I need to do to create a change? (Even if it’s not convenient.)

• Can I embody this new version of me? Or, is it still just an idea?

Your answers will point to how fully you’re choosing for what you want.

It’s OK to realize that you might not be totally there yet. Honestly, I’d worry about you if you didn’t recognize that you might be teetering when it comes to your own transformation.

But if something you really, really want isn’t happening for you, then we need to look at this. There’s some work to be done to unravel where you’re unwilling to go to transform. We need to work through the energy of where you’re stuck and put things into motion here in the world you live in.

Your transformation into what’s next has this whole energetic ecosystem that we need to work with to choose for change on all levels.

Here’s the good news.

If you’re someone who’s committed to your own spiritual evolution and personal growth, you know that moving forward is the only way.

So, here’s your work: find your deeply-rooted commitment to your change. It lives in your 2nd chakra. Commit to changing you and the things you then choose for, to be that next version of you, can come to be.


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