Are You Carrying A Heavy Burden?…

Are You Carrying A Heavy Burden?

So many times we go through our lives with a smile on our face and a happiness in our hearts while at the same time never seeming to shake a heavier burden that we are silently carrying. Can you relate?

Do you often times feel like there is a secret partner hanging off your shoulder or slowly creeping around your back and each time you go to turn your head to see who is there all you see is the same thing which is nothing, just a feeling?

Welcome to the other world of ourselves. The world where we have these ‘invisible’ energies of truth lingering at every turn or at every corner just waiting for us to say ‘hi’ and shed some light to its existence.

This is the heavy burden that many of us have felt or experienced over time and it only comes in when we are usually about to go into another world of our own inner evolution & we need a heavier energy to show us that we are about to disrupt something in our own force field.

As our own internal clock to our spiritual awakening we know ‘somewhere’ when we are about to lift these heavier burdens and finally set ourselves free of the energetic weight that these burdens have been for us through time, space and different dimensions.

Sometimes it is hard for us to actually see what is happening because we are too busy feeling the burden of what we are carrying. The only way through those burdens is to acknowledge when that heavier energy is showing up in our lives, give it attention and then go down into the appropriate tool or process to let go of the burden we have been carrying. Eventually through time is when we realize what the burden was, how it was created and why we had a divine timing to let it go and send it into love.

It is important to know that sometimes a heavy burden protects us at certain times in our lives and that the burdens are not always ‘bad.’ What makes a burden ‘bad’ is when it is time to lift that burden and set it free yet the owner or carrier of that burden refuses to let it go, that is when problems begin to happen. It’s always best to release the burden when the burden shows up to say to you, “hey I have served you well and it is now time to let me go.”

What burden are you ready to let go of today?



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