Are We Independent Souls Or Are We Just Like A Puppet Of The Supreme Divine Energy?…

Are We Independent Souls Or Are We Just Like A Puppet Of The Supreme Divine Energy?

Are we independent Souls?

Yes, we are! There are infinite numbers of Souls in this Universe and they are all independent.

Are we just like a puppet of the Supreme Divine Energy?

No! Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, explains:

“The truth is that you are a pure Soul and that there is no one up there by the name of God (Supreme Divine Energy) who is your superior.

Each person is responsible for himself. God (the Supreme Divine Energy) has never interfered in this. There is no one above us. You are independent in this world… there is no one above you nor is there a subordinate. That is how the world is. This simply needs to be understood. I have roamed through the entire Universe and have not found a single place where an almighty power exists….

You are responsible for yourself. People everywhere believe that God created this world. Those who believe in the principle of reincarnation cannot believe that God created the world. What is reincarnation based on? It is based on the concept of, ‘I am reaping the fruits of my own karma. God does not interfere in this.’ The responsibility is your own. You are wholly and solely responsible.

Who Manages All This?

The rules of karma are such that when you create karma, the result will come naturally and automatically… It happens on its own!

When two atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen come together, we automatically get water. That is the rule of karma. Nobody makes the rules; otherwise there would be a Creator. Nobody has to make the rules. This puzzle has come about on its own, governed by the laws of science!

The Fruit of Karma Comes Automatically

No one else can give the fruit of karma. If you were to drink poison, you would die. No one is needed in the middle to bring the results. If someone were needed to deliver karma-fruits, then he would have to have a gigantic office. Everything runs scientifically. There is no need for a middleman. When the time is up for maturation of karma, it automatically comes into effect, just like these mangoes that ripen automatically. They ripen on the tree, don’t they?”

“This world is run only by Scientific Circumstantial Evidences, in Gujarati I call it Vyavasthit Shakti”

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “This world is nothing but the result of the scientific circumstantial evidence. Whatever one can see through the five senses is a result; it is all vyavasthit.”

For any event that happens in our life, there are causes working behind it. These causes put together are termed as ‘scientific circumstantial evidences’ and the end result of the causes coming together is called as ‘vyavasthit’ by Param Pujya Dadashri. Let’s understand this in some greater detail…

The five causes that make an event happen are:

Swabhav (Intrinsic Nature),

Purusharth (Effort),

Niyati (Natural flow of progress of an embodied soul),

Kaal (Time), and

Prarabdh (Fruition of past karma).

For instance, let’s take the event of us eating our mangoes.

The nature of a mango tree is to give mangoes. The fruit of mango would certainly not grow on any other tree. At the same time, there is effort involved too. We sow a seed of mango, water it and nurture it. This effort is required, without which the fruit of mango would not grow. Now, after nurturing the plant, if a strong wind blows and destroys the mango seed, no mangoes would grow. This is called niyati – the flow of things – which is in the control of Nature. Also, the time factor is equally important. No matter how much effort we put in, we cannot get sweet mangoes in winter, can we? Similarly, if we wish to get the fruit overnight, as soon as the seed is sown, it will not happen. A certain period of time or duration is required for the mangoes to grow. This is the time factor. Finally, nice ripe mangoes may have come on the tree, but they are so high up that you are unable to reach them. Therefore, although the four causes have been satisfied; owing to our past karma, we cannot have the mango. But just then, a small lad comes with a long stick in his hand, pulls the fruit down and gives it to us. So when the time is right, the respective karma unfolds and the event of us eating the mango happens automatically.

In another practical example, Param Pujya Dadashri explains:

“When you try to control your anger, yet anger occurs – does this happen or not? This is because it is the effect karma (the fruit of past karma). The result of that anger will be there in this life like people may avoid you or slap you, you will be disgraced one way or another. To become angry is your effect karma (you have no control here), but it is your internal intent that is important. If from within you feel you were right to be angry, this will create a new karma for you to become angry again in your next life (this is how we are responsible). But if your internal resolve is never to become angry, even though you do, you will not bind anything new for the next life.”

So, our intent is the cause (seed of karma). This is how we are responsible!

The action that happens is the effect of the cause (fruit of karma). There is no free will here; hence it seems as though we are a puppet.

However, while experiencing the effects, you have the free will of the intent or opinion that you choose to keep. This intent forms the new cause (new karma). Thus the chain of cause and effect, effect and cause goes on and on!

To conclude,

The fact is that every living being is an independent Soul, whose function is to only see and know. Every Soul is God. However, what has happened is that the Soul is completely covered by karmas. There are numerous veils of ignorance over the Soul. This is natural.

Only when, with the grace of Gnani, the Enlightened One, we attain Self-Realization, thereafter new coverings do not come, and old coverings slowly, slowly give its effect and leave. When not a single covering remains over the Soul, the Soul is liberated then. The Soul with no covering remaining on it, such an Absolute Soul is called Parmatma (the Supreme Divine Energy).

But the law of karma is such that by the time one meets a Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, a considerable weight of karma has been shed. When one’s karma become lighter, he is able to meet a Gnani Purush. The meeting of the two is also scientific, it happens when all the scientific circumstantial evidences come together. Such a meeting cannot occur through one’s own efforts. This meeting simply happens and one’s work (of being Supreme Divine Energy) gets accomplished!


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