Are There Limited Number Of Souls Or Are They Increasing Or Decreasing?…

Are There Limited Number Of Souls Or Are They Increasing Or Decreasing?

No, there has never been an increase or decrease in the number of Souls in this world. They are the same in number, as they have always been! Not a single Soul has increased and not a single Soul has decreased. That is how the world is…

There are a total of three divisions:

1. In the first division, there exists the life-form that has not yet entered into the worldly life.

Before any living being enters into the worldly cycle, there is a stage wherein there is total covering on the Soul. Since not a single ray of light of knowledge of Soul is able to come out, not a single sense has been developed in these living beings. Hence, such living beings are in a total dormant stage and they do not have a worldly identity as yet. If any being is without a name, it means it has not yet entered into worldly interaction at all. There are infinite number of such living entities and they are all called ‘Nigod’.

2. In the second, it is the life-form that has entered the worldly life.

When one Soul from this world attains liberation, one Soul from the Nigod enters the worldly cycle.

It so happens that a little covering from over the Soul of the ‘Nigod beings’ gets removed, so that little light of Soul comes out and thus one sense is developed. With this, the particular living being gets a name and with this identity it begins its journey in this world. Gradually the being develops from one-sensed to two-sensed, three-sensed, four sensed, five-sensed and then comes into human life-form where his mind, intellect, ego gets developed. Thus, the living beings in this division are from one-sensed to five-sensed and humans, whom we can see in this world.

3. Third division comprises of Souls who have attained ultimate liberation and have left the world

These are the liberated Souls, who have freed themselves from all the worldly bondages. They have already reached the stage of ultimate salvation; and therefore, they reside in Siddh Kshetra, a location where there are only liberated Souls. These Souls never come back in this world.

So, when one Soul from the world attains liberation, one Soul from the Nigod enters the worldly cycle. This is a natural law. Thus, the number of living entities in this world remains the same. When the number of Souls in the animal life-form seems to have decreased, there would be a corresponding increase in the number of say human life-form. That is how this world is; there is neither increase nor decrease in the total number of Souls. World means where the living entities have an identification i.e. they have a name and form. Eg. it is named rose or potato or air-bodied living being – all such living beings are said to have come into the worldly interaction.

And not only Souls, even the number of subatomic particles (parmanu) in this world do not increase or decrease. No matter how many particles are burnt or cut down, from time immemorial, not a single parmanu (subatomic particle) is gained or lost! The total number stays the same. Amidst the wars and catastrophes, and with so many people dying too; not a single subatomic particle decreases and not a single subatomic particle increases.

Thus, neither the number of Souls change nor the number of subatomic particles. The world remains as it is. And nothing can change that!

To conclude,

There are limited number of Souls and this limited number is a fixed number. The number of souls do not increase, nor do they decrease; they are always same in number. And even the number of subatomic particles (parmanu) in this world does not increase or decrease. They too are always same in number.

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