Are New Year’s Resolutions Ever Really Worth It?…

Are New Year’s Resolutions Ever Really Worth It?

In a few days I’ll be seeing people make new year’s resolutions on social media I didn’t make any this year do I think they are ever worth it yes and no let me explain yes I think they are a good idea for people to better themselves and work on certain aspects of their lives that’s great now that’s the part I agree with but I don’t think it is worth it if you only have one big goal you wanted to set for this year let’s say you wanted to lose weight the most popular of the goals people have during the new year so you get the gym membership you stock your fridge with organic healthy food you do this for about 3 or 4 weeks and then you’re done you don’t want to do it anymore so you stop and go back to your unhealthy habits and your left feeling guilty about not keeping your resolution. You say to yourself next year I will do it and you go through the exact same thing year after year feeling bad about not hitting this goal you set for yourself I think the part about new year’s resolution I don’t like is that there to one generic of a resolution and we don’t make them more realistic and tailored to fit our lives and we put to much pressure and guilt on ourselves to hit this goal or otherwise what did we accomplish this year? I think we as a society put too much of our hopes into new year’s resolution. just because it’s New year’s we have to set goals for ourselves to better our lives. I personally believe if we all sat down and wrote a reasonable list of goals we wanted to accomplish throughout the year that would be Easier than just one big specific goal that you might not even hit in that time frame let me give you a examples so you want to eat healthier you start swapping out fruit for a doughnut and little by little you do these little food swaps and you start noticing your not craving the junk your use to another example you see others on social media prating self-care and you want to try it because you think it would benefit you so you could start practicing it by taking the time you would have used to scroll on social media and you can download a meditation app and start taking that time you would be scrolling to take a couple minutes out of your day for some self-care resolutions’ can be beneficial if you set little goals throughout the year for yourself they are not good if your stressing about them making yourself feel guilty about not hitting your resolutions’


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