Are Life Partners Destined Or Do We Choose Them In Our Lives?…

Are Life Partners Destined Or Do We Choose Them In Our Lives?

Yes indeed, according to scriptures, life partners are destined!

And we thought I am the smart one to have picked such a good partner for myself ☺.

It is our karmas that determine our destiny.

If you have created best karma in relation to your life-partner, you are destined to have the best life-partner in the world! Yes, life-partners are actually a result of karma that one has created earlier. If one’s karma are good, one gets a good life-partner; but if karmas are bad, the fruits come accordingly.

Not only marriage, but all that can be experienced through our five senses in our life are actually an effect of karmas we’ve created in our past life. Finding a partner, marrying a partner, or for that matter, eating, sleeping, working are all fruits or effects of karma. Based on the seed karmas that were sown in the past life, the fruits in the form of these activities automatically happen in this life.

Not having an understanding of this science of karma, many people remain quite worried about where to find their life-partner. One really need not worry, for it is all destined – at what time, where, and who will become your life-partner is all decided. The seeds of karma have already been sown in the past life and the fruits of it will come at its time. You can only try to pick the right partner in your best ability. So, say good-bye to all your worries and be happy.

Also, there are some who fear what if my parents choose a wrong life-partner for me?

You now know, parents really can’t, because life-partners are destined. While choosing a life partner for their child, parents always have their child’s best interests at heart. They would never intentionally do anything to make their children unhappy. So, there’s no reason to doubt your parents.

Yet, if something goes wrong, one must understand ‘it is due to my destiny which I have brought with me from my past life; which is why the mistake is my own.’ No one else is at fault. Others are only ‘instruments’ to deliver what is due to us.

We ourselves have created this misery for us, just that it has come our way through the medium of some ‘instrument’. The ‘instrument’ could be your parents, relatives, or friends, but ultimately it’s ‘you’ who made the intent in your last birth. Hence, we cannot blame or accuse our parents or anyone else that “You picked a wrong partner for me.” It is not their fault, it is our own fault.

Karmas are bound based on the intents we harnessed in our past life.

While in daily interaction with people and situations, our external display of emotion is immaterial. However, our internal intent of attachment or abhorrence – this inner reaction of ours while doing the interaction is the ‘cause’ for binding new karma. This karma gets discharged in the next life as an ‘effect’. While experiencing the effects, one creates new causes. The cycle of cause and effect is perpetuated in this manner. Therefore, one should always remain alert and careful about their intentions! Just correct your present “intents”, so that you are happy in future.

Do we choose the life-partner in our life?

Although the life partner is destined, we do not know who our destined life partner is. We therefore will have to carry out the process of ‘choosing the partner in our life’.

When it comes to choosing a life partner, one would generally prefer to marry someone who is good looking. However, the person we have to live with for all our life, don’t you think that person’s inner beauty and character are just as important, if not more, than the outer beauty. Good character of the person is very important, and the character of a person cannot be judged by one’s outer looks.

So, instead of intending a good looking partner, one must intend for one with true character and inner beauty. Such a person shall not hurt or give pain to anyone and you too should accordingly pledge not to hurt or cause pain to anyone in this world. When the fruit of such noble intention reaps, your destined life-partner will be good natured and you too will be like that.

‘Hence, whatever life-partner one gets, it is one’s own destiny, nobody else’s. And once you have found your life-partner, remain sincere for lifetime.’ urges the Enlightened One.

Lastly, there are even people who prefer to be celibate.

This means such people, in their last birth, have made intentions to this effect, and therefore they do not get married in this life.

According to scriptures, celibacy is one of the best intentions to keep in life. And anyways, the celibates are a much better placed in life than those married, for they live a peaceful and happy life and at the same time progress on the path that liberates them forever.


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