Are Guru, Truth, Brahman, Ishvara, Atman And God All One?…

Are Guru, Truth, Brahman, Ishvara, Atman And God All One?


Let’s understand how…

Anyone who already has a Guru, whom one follows, would agree that:

Guru is a treasure of knowledge, that shows us the right path all the way, and helps us cross this ocean of life. He is a beacon of light that ensures we don’t get lost; a towering structure of faith that stands firm in the middle of the sea (our life), warning and guiding our ship (us) through every difficulty, and never letting our hope to die.

Guru is the lighthouse that shines in darkness and carries us safe to the shore!

And for one who is an aspirant of the Absolute Truth

He is in search of such a Guru, who is Truth, who is Brahma, who is Ishvar, who is Atman, who is God, and who is Om!

You’ve asked – Are these all one?

Yes indeed they are!

However, other than Guru, none of the others are physically visible; they can only be experienced, and can be experienced through the medium of ‘Guru’.

One who has himself experienced the Truth, the Brahma, the Ishvar, the Atman, the God, the Om; One who can help us experience the same and can also make us one like Him, is an Enlightened Guru. Such a Guru is called Gnani or the Enlightened One!

When we remain devoted and attentive to the teachings of such a Guru, we are sure to attain our ultimate goal, that of experiencing the Pure Soul, our real Self.

Today, we are in absolute darkness

Soul or Atman is our real Self. But, in the utter darkness that we are, we can neither see the Soul nor can we even feel it. So how do we find it then? Who can guide us and get us to our destination?

We can definitely take the help of books, scriptures and spiritual literature to get some theoretical understanding of what the Soul is, what its properties are, how important it is to experience the Soul, and what does this experience lead to. We can also read about the life-experiences of the Enlightened beings, who have walked the path and have actually experienced the Soul, as it helps us draw great amount of inspiration that keeps us motivated to pursue our goal.

But can these mediums give us the actual experience of the Soul?

No, because an image of a lit candle cannot remove the darkness in the room, only a lit candle can.

Similarly, only an Enlightened person can enlighten our Soul.

One who is an enlightened being himself, and can enlighten us as well, is the ultimate Guru

Only with the grace of such a Guru, can we realize our Soul (the Self). This is the easiest way to attain Self Realization; the easiest way to experiencing God!

Under the shelter and guidance of such Guru, the living Enlightened One:

our awareness of the Self increases,

the inner weaknesses of anger, greed, pride and deceit start reducing,

the ego and intellect begin to wane off,

the mind, body and speech become more and more natural,

day after day, our experience of the Self keeps increasing,

we steadily progress on the path of salvation.

When we realize our Self, we know by experience that we ourselves are God

The Self (the pure Soul) is verily:

the Truth

the Brahma

the Ishvar

the Atman

the God

the Om

and until and unless I do not experience the Self vividly, for me, the Enlightened One verily is the Self.

To Him I bow in eternal reverence,

Who kindled in me the Pure Light;

Every Soul is now a temple, where the ‘bells’ chime,

Jai Satchitanand!

” Jai Satchitanand is a salutation made in the glory of ‘Pure Awareness of the Eternal is Bliss”.

Who’s shown me the right way to the eternal, who’s introduced me to my real Self, who’s made me understand the Truth of ‘who I am’ and has helped me experience the Brahma, Ishvar, Atman, God within me, I offer my heart-felt eternal obeisance to such a Guru!!!… with an earnest prayer to God that, ‘May everyone meet the circumstance to meet such a Guru (the Enlightened One) and attain the Self!’


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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