Are All The Distresses And Problems Resolved After One’s Enlightenment?…

Are All The Distresses And Problems Resolved After One’s Enlightenment?


Let’s learn from Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being about how one feels after enlightenment. He explains this experience through an illustration….

Suppose there is pitch darkness in your home, how will you feel?

If you try to move, you will have clashes with chair, table, etc., isn’t it?

And what will happen if you have full light in your room?

When there is no light, one is unable to see; whereas in presence of light, one can see things clearly as they are. So, if you have full light, there will not be any clash or fall, there will not be any suffering or problem, there will not be any worries, no doubts, no stress! With full light, you feel happiness and your close relatives also will feel happiness. This is what we experience in the light of the Soul.

Just like (after the darkness of the night), by looking at the ray of sunlight we understand, “Oh! The Sun has arisen”; similarly, on enlightenment, experiencing the ray of the Soul’s light (pragna), we realize, “Yes, The Soul is awakened!”

Before enlightenment, there is darkness of ignorance of the Self, “I only am Kartik (please insert your own name here). I only am right, etc.” Due to this ignorance, weaknesses of anger, pride, deceit, greed, attachment, hatred, ego, etc. prevail, which lead to worldly distresses and problems in our life.

But after enlightenment, with the onset of the right belief that, “I am not Kartik, I am a Pure Soul”, a ray of light of the Soul (pragna) rises. This light of Soul alerts us day and night, shows us the way that is away from the worldly distresses and problems, gives us the taste of the real happiness and leads us to ultimate liberation! Eg. A car runs, but it doesn’t know where it has to go. The driver runs the car, but he too has no direction where to go. It is only when the owner specifies, ‘Take the car to the airport’, the driver runs the car in the right direction. Similarly, the Soul is in the place of the owner, the ego is like the driver and the body is like car.

Happiness is in the Soul alone. It is nowhere to be found outside.

Eg. a sweetdish does not give happiness. If it would, then everyone would have become happy eating that sweetdish. But there are many who detest the sweet taste altogether.

This implies that happiness is not an inherent property of the sweet dish. It is only that we have believed, ‘eating this sweet dish will make me happy’, and hence we feel happy eating the sweet dish. Whereas infinite happiness is an inherent property of the Soul; but it has got covered under the layers of karma sitting over the Soul.

There was ignorance of the Self (we did not know that ‘I am a Pure Soul.’). So, we believed that, ‘I am Kartik’ and hence bound karma. After enlightenment (Self-Realization), Kartik got separated and now we return towards the real Self i.e. the Pure Soul, the inherent property of which is eternal bliss.

After enlightenment, in the light of the Soul, new karmas do not get bound. And as the old karmas sitting over the Soul shed off, more and more light of the Soul is exposed. Finally, when all the karmas are shed, the total light of the Soul will be uncovered. This is when the Soul is said to have been fully enlightened.


Only because we do not know the Self (the Pure Soul), we’ve got caught in these worldly distresses and problems. On enlightenment, we recognize the Self. Therefore new karmas will not bind now. As the old karma finish, all the distresses and problems begin to resolve and we experience more and more happiness. When all the old karma finish, the Soul is fully enlightened. At this stage, there is complete liberation from all kinds of sufferings; we experience nothing but eternal bliss (permanent happiness)!


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