Are All Souls The Same?…

Are All Souls The Same?

All Souls Are The Same!

By nature, all Souls are the same; just that the existence of each Soul is separate.

Phases Change But The Soul Is The Same

Soul resides in every living being!

A human or an animal, a tree or an insect, a deity or a demon – are mere phases of the Soul and which are temporary in nature; whereas the Soul residing within each of these is permanent. Regardless of the external changes that happen in the phases, there is no change that ever happens in the nature (qualities) of the Soul.

Let’s understand this with the example of gold. Gold could be found in raw form in mines or as bars and coins or even in the form of ornaments. No matter what form it is in, the important thing is that it is ultimately gold! Even while the gold passes through the different phases, it was, it is and it shall always remains gold only. Hence, we realize that regardless of the exterior form, there is no change that happens in the internal gold; gold remains permanently gold!

The Soul Itself is God, Be it a Human Soul or the Soul in a Goat

The Soul is our real Self. And the Soul itself is verily the God!!!

The Soul residing in you is God and so is the Soul that resides in me or any other human being!

The same Soul is sitting inside a goat; and inside a donkey, there sits the same God too!

Just that we are unable to see the God, and that’s because we’ve not yet realized God…

‘I am John (you may insert your own name here)’ is the realization that we have right now. But when we realize ‘I am the Soul’ (Self-Realization), we are able to realize the God! After Self-Realization, one can see God even in a goat, as one begins to see God in every living being!!

To worship the Soul and God (the Absolute Soul; the Parmatma) as being separate is the way of the world. But to worship the Soul and God as one and not separate is the real religion. From the real religion comes Moksha (salvation)!

If we see the inner content i.e. the Soul within everyone, there is really no difference between the Lord we worship, the Spiritual Master we follow or the Mayor of the town we stay in; nor is there really a difference between the chaste woman, the prostitute or the pickpocket, or even between the donkey, a sparrow, a pigeon or a human being. However, to see the inner content, it requires the divine vision, which one cannot have until one attains the grace of the Enlightened being.

In the Enlightened beings, the Soul has fully manifested; whereas in others, the Soul is yet under the veils of ignorance. The veils of ignorance can be removed only by the Enlightened being, who has the divine power to enlighten others’ Souls too. Such Enlightened being is called Gnani!!! And meeting such Gnani is all that it takes to understand, in its true meaning, that all Souls are indeed the same.


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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