Aquarius Season 2021: The Mainstream Media Meltdown…

Aquarius Season 2021: The Mainstream Media Meltdown

January 20 – February 18

“What’s Your Main Stream?” – @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

As my upcoming book indicates, “Aquarius season is a time of exposing knowledge in order to elevate the masses.”

In a twist of fate, ever since 1937, every planned presidential inauguration has been on the first day of the month of Aquarius which is a sign of humanity and the fulfillment of wishes. This year, as the Sun ingresses into Aquarius, the planets Mars and Uranus will align in Taurus.

Mars breaks down old habits while Uranus sparks new beginnings and when they meet in Taurus, the bull, we can expect an astrological surge of energy releasing into the realm of business, money, and the media, all ruled by Taurus.

While Taurus rules over the media, Aquarius rules over the streaming of information and data. Within consciousness, Aquarius oversees the flow of data into the collective conscious, aka the consensus reality, from the collective unconscious where everything is stored.

Everything that has happened will happen, could happen, or would happen is stored within the pool of the collective unconscious. While some of us can dip into this pool to pull out ideas for songs, books, art, films, technology, and other tools, it’s our divine right to stream it into our conscious mind and express it into the world. This is how we manifest masterpieces, technology, healing, and the advancement of mankind.

As you can imagine, the Aquarian information flowing from the unknown into the known has a lot of value that isn’t likely to depreciate. With such valuable assets up for grabs by anyone willing to access their intuition, arises forces that are jealousy or threatened by our capacity to drawn down ideas that can change the course of humanity. Anyone who is aware of this process of downloading divine inspiration also knows that this process can be easily diverted.

When we look at the turbulent forces of Uranus, it becomes obvious that ego energies want to monitor and control the flow of information as much as possible. Think of competitors who are threatened by the ideas of the other side. How threatened someone feels when comparing manifestations trying to get the contract, likes, or validation. When there is an ongoing egotistical force filtering, tampering, or censoring the streams of information that flow from the collective unconscious into the conscious consensus, history can only repeat itself.

So what does this tampering look like? Today, with Jupiter and Saturn aligned in Aquarius, it looks like cancel culture and the censorship of Truth. As if the process of pulling information from the collective unconscious and bringing it into our conscious mind isn’t hard enough, we now have to deal with static distortion only brought on by the disruption of Uranus. Plus, Pluto continues to easily manipulate us with half-truths and whole lies as it transits through Capricorn allowing the censoring forces that are standing to alter our ability to think for ourselves and believe what we read and hear as Truth.

As we are still washing ourselves of the previous Age of Pisces that swelled mankind with delusional predispositions, the resulting reality here is that not every divine dip into the collective unconscious gets syndicated with the mainstream narrative, or at least that what the numbers want us to believe. We truly don’t know what the real statistics are on videos, songs, and downloads as this is all data that can be masked or manipulated to make us think that particular content is a number one seller.

When looking at a history of the astrological ages, before live streams and push notifications we now have within the Age of Aquarius, the populace had no way of knowing what was transpiring on the other side of the city, let alone the other side of the country without written letters and in-person discussions. These types of notifications lead to a sense of intimacy, debate, community, and a sense of talking-it-out, even if you disagreed with the other, you could talk about it and truly connect with others.

Now, if you’re a ruler tasked with controlling masses of people, private letters and in-person discussions are just too risky for an agenda of control and enslavement. So newsletters were issued and went into circulation which was like a personal letter for everyone who could read it. The effect was now that many people had a common topic and common ground to relate to which products a superficial connection. What was once informative and intimate became diluted and entertaining, instilling judgment rather than transparency. And, yet the masses were appeased. They felt like they were included and informed and didn’t really have to think beyond what was written in the paper. Mobs and communities formed as alliance and allegiance with the news replaced the sense of loneliness and need for validation was masked with strangers who could now “know” about something even without ever knowing each other.

As newsletters grew in popularity, they became newspapers to keep the populace informed of whatever the king and the court deemed necessary for the public to “know”. For a ruler, if you control what the masses “know”, you control how they think and where they put their focus. If you could steer it away from self-thinking and intuition, then you’ve successfully enslaved them into believing everything you say.

With Aquarius, we learn that information is our greatest asset as it informs us with data we can process it with our heart and minds in order to come up with our own answers: So, my question to you is, would you rather listen to a king or a sage?

Most people would say the sage, but really, they listen to the king as he is the one who makes the law, validates, declares public days-off, and hands out resources. The king then holds many minds hostage from Aquarian liberation by using mainstream narrative to keep the mind entrapped and too fearful to think for itself.

The situation is similar today, especially as we are within the Age of Aquarius which shows us that we as a collective have yet to overcome our accumulated entitlement and the insatiable need for validation. We continually turn to what the mainstream says because it makes us feel legitimized and “connected” to the “world” all at the forfeit of self-thinking. Make no mistake about it, Aquarius isn’t happy about our failure to elevate, and this year, the Aquarian transits are going to reveal a rather shocking truth that the world is not in the state that the mainstream media shows it to be in.

With the alignment of Mars and Uranus on January 20th, there will be an explosion of Truth coming out for everyone to see. This is all about transparency, as Jupiter and Saturn also make their way through Aquarius, demanding social clarity and unambiguity within the streams of media, both main and niche. This is a time when we will see niche media streaming directly to people unlike ever before, all while exposing mainstream agendas and corporations disguised as boutique or alternative distributors.

But what’s the point of all this? What has Aquarius to teach us in this pivotal time? Simply put, we need to reframe what’s going on within the world from a compassionate context. In other words, we need to know that this has happened before and history repeats itself until we change. Throughout the ages, masses of people have happily traded their intuition in order to blindly trust their authority so that when things go wrong, they can make them the scapegoat and avoid responsibility.

It was only in 2020 that I learned that there are generations of people who believe that a) what they read in the news is 100% true and b) that their government isn’t out to control them. Throughout 2020, I had many discussions with people who didn’t question or intuit for themselves what’s going on within the world, never mind their own personal lives. On the other side of this, I noticed many people had become desperate in looking for answers.

But when you don’t have a spiritual practice, of course, you turn to the media and government for answers. 9/11 happened while I was growing up so I found it hard to believe that people bow onto the altar of the media or government. My wife explained it to me that it’s people who have no spirituality who are the ones who place their authority in the government. She explained it is the human propensity to believe in something, so if there is no spirituality in someone’s life, they automatically place their faith into an established authority. This makes sense to me especially in light of the long history we had of going to a king who was the only person who could communicate with God.

Most everyone on earth underwent a year of seeing how little control we have in the face of one lockdown after another, issued by the authorities. Whatever your beliefs are, I am only referring to the fact that lockdown was on, then off, then on and off again like a traffic light. Many had been shown that they are not as free as they think they are, and it freaked a lot of people out. Most people were and still are in shock at how fast everything changed and still is changing.

The attitude we need to adopt is that having knowledge shouldn’t bestow any feelings of superiority, as that’s the opposite of what Aquarian connection and elevation should provide. In a world where there are facts to prove every bias, fact-checkers to debunk rejected theories, and enough memes to fill a landfill, we are now more challenged than ever to reframe the ongoing situation into a practice of compassion. But this is no easy task when we’d rather have scapegoats of rulers that we can place our bets of responsibility onto, and of course, the more mainstream the better.

This expands into all realms of life where they are statistics such as trending hashtags, charting songs, games, and apps, best sellers, and №1’s can serve as mainstream manipulations embedded with the propaganda of enslavement. We’ve seen this before, how dangerous this can be in socialist countries, just look at what happened in Germany in the ’30s. It was the masses of hatred and entitlement within the common people in Germany who propagated the nazi agenda as they turned on their neighbors.

The mainstream media has most people already enslaved into believing “and so it is” giving no chance for anything that opposes or encourages intuition. And here we find ourselves at another doorstep of collective repetition and enslavement. Astrologically speaking, allegations like the FEMA camps that are ready to quarantine people deemed unhealthy with COVID-19 would make sense in light of the Aquarian ability organization of purifying the ill. The Mars-Uranus alignment is a bit telling as the military has mobilized unlike ever before since Mars entered Taurus just before a virtual transfer of power within the most influential nation of the world.

The “news” hasn’t changed much as the human condition remains the same, but the way the news is delivered has changed massively over the ages thanks to Aquarius. Information has become as bombarding as negative thoughts and has direct access right into our minds through the devices we get it on. As megaphones and posters became, emails and push notifications, the news has become increasingly difficult to moderate within the sheer amount of data streaming into our earlobes and pupils.

So what can we do? How can we use this Aquarius energy this year to make a shift and stop history from repeating itself? Well, remember that there is still a “king” behind every story you read or listen to. The mainstream filters your ability to think for yourself and discourages intuition. For years, the news has instilled fear, hatred, and blame, which cloud your ability to see the Truth as we have all known as a collective that the news is always bad when we turn it on.

Too many of us, especially in the older generations, still get sucked into what we read in the mainstream narrative because it’s polished, popular, and promoted. And the younger generations aren’t all that innocent either as the mainstream narrative has infiltrated social media with supposed “algorithms” gatekeeping and selecting what to show and when to show it.

Let go of the need to be validated by people of influence or mainstream heads. The Age of Aquarius is the time to liberate ourselves from dictators of all kinds as we connect to the divine ourselves all while keeping our ego in check and having compassion for the externalization of unresolved ego issues.

Remember that the United States was founded upon human rights as the Founding Fathers fled from the dictatorship within England at that time. The Founding Fathers wanted to practice their spirituality and establish a nation where they could implement amendments such as the Freedom of Speech.

When this freedom is met with censorship, we will continue to find ourselves in a very dangerous position at the doorstep of history repeating itself.

We have to remember that we have the answers within us and not within search results. We can get information, but we still have to process the data to make anything of it. As someone who has used astrology since childhood and has studied with the masters of our time, one thing that truly concerns me the meme-stream media of astrology and all misinformation in circulation especially in regards to the Age of Aquarius.

A lot of meme-stream media astrologers claim that the Age of Aquarius began in 2021 or that it will begin a hundred years down the line. What’s concerning about this falsity is that when most of us think that the Age of Aquarius is coming later, we will miss the Aquarian gifts that are available now.

You should know that there are false idols and spokespeople embedded into mainstream media who have absolutely no authentic voice as they puppet they narrate they are given. They are in every industry, and when fall victim to replacing our intuition with a mainstream puppet, we cancel our spirituality.

With Aquarius, we are able to totally awaken our ability to make our dreams come true and become the mainstream of energy in our life. I will host a solar ingression meditation on this powerful day where you can truly learn how to align beyond the dualistic nature of confusion and manifest your destiny. The entire month of Aquarius gives us the ability to make connections that can last for an entire year for those who know how to connect to this month. We have within us, during this month, the opportunity to create for oneself, the connection to the intention of the All Good.


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