Anger And Its Sidekick!


Procrastination! The one word that everyone avoids . . .

We take our time dragging weary feet from one task to the next and forget that life has moved on at an increasing pace. Our dreams, desires, wishes, wants and hopes all trundle with the stream of life ahead of us, in anticipation of the moment when we catch up to them!

They have life too! Those dreams and desires want to experience what we have loaded them with. They have stored the wistful images of the relaxation on the beach, or the meaningful coffee with the daughter which keeps being stalled and the leaving of an abusive spouse. They remember . . .

When we eventually drag our feet and reach those synchronistic moments, where a dream or desire is within reach and obtainable, the anger within us comes forth and overwhelms us. It is like a raging swarm of bees, only these thoughts don’t sting, they engulf and paralyze and convince us that there will be another day.

Another day . . .

And what if there isn’t?

I guess your sole choice is this –

If this were to be the last day or week of your life, what dreams and desires would you drop everything and run for?

Act as if you are on borrowed time – Enjoy as if you have all the time in the world!

– Jaylee Balch –


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