Angel Numbers & Awakenings…

Angel Numbers & Awakenings

Angel numbers are numbers through which angels try and communicate with us ..

seeing angel numbers has helped me tremendously in my journey to take help from them and they assist me towards my purpose and mission .

It has helped me through my awakening process!

The journey of self discovery and authenticity has come to me as the greatest blessing in my life ….

Being authentic means coming from a real place within. It is when our actions and words are very similar to our beliefs and values. It is being ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be.

????In the words of Oprah Winfrey in the 75th golden globes award show “ the truth is the greatest thing we tell ourselves “!

????Our true self is hidden within us and each one of us have the innate potential to be the best version of ourselves!

This is a gift from God.But to actually come to terms with this is reaching the place of enlightenment.

????Once you realize that this life is just a play and we are all mere puppets dancing away we realize how minute and unimportant our troubles and worries are. We realize that deep down within us there is a secret person waiting to come out and a new rich life opens up in front of us.

????Once we discover our true potential and the purpose we are here we start living the true authentic life away from the Ego believes and systems.

We start making our own way and lead and help others ????

????Living authentic also means living a healthy ,positive life rich in abundance and prosperity.

Our spirit starts becoming more pure as we reach the state of wholeness of who we really are.

????We need to cultivate the habit of helping people and humanity. To help the unfortunate and needy. To show gratitude in every step down the way

Life becomes a true blessing when we let go of our worries and problems and realize that life is more bigger and more beautiful than all those troubling times.

As we start taking responsibility for our life and our feelings, it makes our lives more deeper , enriching and happy

And the obstacles turn into ease. As we walk on this beautiful journey, we start taking challenges as a means to make us more stronger and better.

????When we learn to love our life , people and above all ourselves we start breathing more and enjoying this life fully.

????What if the losses we encounter make us learn how to appreciate life!

What if a difficult person has been sent down to teach us how not to be and to teach us patience, compassion and stronger.

????Living with the moment becomes our priority and we start shining our light from within.

We all have a light shining through us which makes each one of us superheroes.

????We can’t change the circumstances each day but we can surely change how we react to the circumstances!

????There is no such thing as actual reality, but there is only our perception to reality.

????Think about this ?????

Bob Marley said : some people feel the rain , others just get wet ????



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