6 Ancient Cultures And Their Obsession With Crystals…

6 Ancient Cultures And Their Obsession With Crystals

Since ancient times, crystals have been venerated and used in all kinds of spiritual rituals. Prized for their unique energetic properties, many religious traditions believed they were descended from the heavens. Interestingly, they’re still prized to this day- with many of the same healing beliefs still intact.

In some cases (particularly with India), that means we have thought particular crystals have healing properties for nearly 5,000 years! But India wasn’t the only one with those beliefs in healing…

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1) Roman Culture

Many of the first class citizens had amulets or protective talismans made out of crystals. Usually, they were used to attract good health, fortune, prosperity, or good outcomes during battle.

2) Chinese Culture

Chinese medicine frequently uses healing crystals, such as crystal-tipped needles used in acupuncture.

3) Ancient Egyptians

Egyptians loved crystals, and used them frequently in rituals- particularly when burying the dead. Their energetic power was believed to help them find their way in the afterlife. Pharaohs and priests used cylinders filled with quartz to balance the Ba and Ka energies of the body.

To bring enlightenment and awareness, Lapis Lazuli stones were worn by female royalty, such as Cleopatra. At the time, she made it into an eyeshadow- probably making it the most expensive makeup in the world at the time! Rubies were thought to embody sexuality, so they were mainly worn by dancers in the belly.

4) Ancient Greeks

Before entering battle, crushed hematite was usually rubbed on soldier’s bodies with the idea it made them invincible. Interestingly, the word crystal comes from the Greek word ‘krustullos’, which means ice. Many ancient cultures believed crystals like clear quartz were eternal ice from the heavens.

An interesting story about amethyst:

According to Greek mythology, an intoxicated Dionysus (the god of wine and rituals) became infuriated with a young virgin named Amethyst. When the girl asked the goddess Diana for help, she turned Amethyst into a beautiful white stone to protect her. Feeling sorry for his actions, Dionysus began to cry, and his tears fell into his cup of wine. The cup overturned and spilled onto the stone, covering it completely until it became the amethyst we know today.

5) Ancient Japan

Japanese used crystals frequently when trying to connect to psychic energies. Usually, they would ‘scry’, which means using a crystal ball to see the future and foretell events. Crystal quartz spheres were considered representative of the heart of a dragon and signified their power and wisdom.

6) Traditions in India

Perhaps the most investigated use of crystals was done in ancient India. Ayurvedic medicine considers crystals and gemstones invaluable to counteracting the effects of astrology and karma. In one of the oldest Hindu scripts, the Vedas, healing crystals are documented with their specific healing properties. There probably isn’t any other culture that has used crystals as extensively as the Hindus!


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