Ancestral Wounding And Disease States…

Ancestral Wounding And Disease States

When I was young, (especially in my former school years), I used to always feel like I didn’t belong and that I was different than everyone else.

The feeling of belonging (or lack of belonging), tends to originate with the family. Can any of you relate?

All children want to belong. There is absolutely nothing more painful for a little one than being rejected or separated from his or her family. In the mind of an infant, this need supersedes all others, and when it’s not met, it equates to a feeling within the child equivalent to death.

For that reason, when we’re born, we will do whatever is possible to belong in our family system, to the extent that in a family of thieves, it’s the child who doesn’t steal who is the guilty one and will grow up paying the pain and consequences of not belonging.

All families have their dynamics and conflicts, and just by being born into a particular family, we inherit, not only our genetic traits, yet the emotional and psychosocial ones as well.

The patterns within our family system will very likely play out later in life, especially in our most intimate relationships. Despite how much we despise certain characteristics in our opposite-sex parent, we may as adults find ourselves married to someone who emulates the same or similar traits.

When a child subconsciously takes on too heavy a burden of the wounding and suffering of previous generations, this can very likely result years down the road in some sort of diagnosis or pain state.

For more about the role of family and ancestral lineage wounding, please see this informative 15-minute video.

This topic is also further expanded upon in my book, Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom, Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within.


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