An Introduction To Kundalini Yoga To Transform Your Life…

An Introduction To Kundalini Yoga To Transform Your Life

Now, I’m no Kundalini guru, but I do know that as soon as I started practicing it, it really helped me purge unwanted feelings and conditions. It has been one of the most powerful healing practices I’ve tried thus far. Because of this I suggest Kundalini yoga to my clients that I work with, who are having personal Psychotherapy or Counselling. I receive great feedback from clients that are now practicing Kundalini yoga as part of their daily lives.

Kundalini yoga is like having a session with your therapist, a great workout at the gym AND you get to sing and chant like you’re at a karaoke bar with your friends… Plus you can do this all from the comfort of your own home. So even if you’re someone who dislikes the thought of joining a gym or a local class, you can do it in your lounge in your pyjamas, (if you should so wish!)… Just click on Youtube on your TV, get yourself a yoga mat or towel… And try it…

There are quite a lot of Kundalini yoga therapists on Youtube offering their expertise. I always say “go with what you’re drawn to…” I was personally drawn to “BrettLarkinYoga”.

There are some sessions that only require you to show up (For yourself) for 10 minutes. So if you are a beginner, it’s easy to introduce Kundalini yoga into your day, or night.

Every Kundalini practice starts with chanting this Mantra three times…

“ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO ” (The Adi Mantra) meaning “I call upon divine wisdom” which tunes us in to our higher selves.

At first it may feel a bit unusual chanting, so we can start by chanting the Mantra in our head. “ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO”. Then, when we get the courage to chant aloud, we can feel the difference it has within ourselves… Before you know it you’ll think you’re Mariah Carey and you’ll be “being” your own “Hero”.

After we have “Tuned in” to our higher selves, we then move into one of the Kundalini positions or (Kriyas)… One of the ‘Kriyas’ is known as ‘The Ego Eradicator’…

Picture this… You’re sitting on your knees on your yoga mat, your arms are up in the air. You’ve got your tongue sticking out, and your panting like a dog! (Otherwise known as ‘Breath Of Fire!’) And you’re thinking… Thank god no one can see me now!

You’ll be pleased to discover that panting like a dog is just a way of us getting used to that particular style of breathing, with us pulling our navel point in quickly at the same time. Once we feel that we have mastered the two together ‘Breath Of Fire’ is actually done by breathing out powerfully through our nose, whilst pulling our naval point in simultaneously. (Puts tongue back in mouth and breathes a sigh of relief…).

This ‘Kriya’ is great for what it states, eradicating the ego, and the fears we all tell ourselves. It helps us to learn how to let go and surrender to all that is… (If you’re pregnant or on your moon cycle, then ‘Breath Of Fire’ MUST be altered to slow, deep breaths).

At the end of a ‘Kriya’ there is ‘Rootlock’ or ‘Mulbhand’. This is where we practice grounding our attention to our lower three chakras, which are, the anus, sex organs and navel point. It seals the effects of an exercise and helps us contain the energy in our bodies. Promoting healing and strength. So when we hear the yoga therapist asking us to apply ‘mulbhand’ we squeeze all three simultaneously (Concentrates…).

Concentration is something that leads us into Meditation, which is part of the Kundalini practice. So if meditating is something that is new to you, then Kundalini yoga is a great way to ease you into the practice. It is the breath and meditation that connects our minds to our bodies. Whilst we meditate, it asks us to focus on our ‘Third Eye’ or (Anja Chakra).

This may be of interest to those who are ‘Mystics…’

Throughout each Kundalini practice there are different Mantras to chant. These Mantras also help our unwanted emotions and conditions to be released. This Mantra is for self esteem and confidence…


“That’s all very well” I hear you say, “We can’t heal everything just with Mantras”.

(Although they are more powerful than what a lot of people are led to believe!)

“But what will Kundalini yoga do for me on a physical level…?”

Are you experiencing Anxiety or Depression…?

Maybe you have a Low Immune System…?

Would you like to break bad habits and detoxify your body…?

Kundalini yoga can help with all of these issues…

It helps Strengthen the Nervous System,

It purifies our blood,

Expands our lung capacity,

Balances our glandular system,

Helps with Digestion and reduces blood sugar levels linked with Diabetes.

Pretty cool huh! As well as aiding weight loss, strengthening and toning our bodies and the flexibility it provides. What’s not to love.

Kundalini yoga does all of this on a metaphysical level by releasing the Spiritual energy or (Life force energy) that is coiled at the bottom of our spine. Known as the ‘Serpent’. It is said that as it rises up through our Chakras cleansing and balancing them. It is when the ‘Serpent’ rises, this is when the energy moves up the body, feeding our brain, bringing us into alignment, mind, body and soul.

So… The next time while you’re in ‘Camel pose’ thinking… “Whose idea was this…” and wondering if showing up (For yourself) today means you’ve earnt that slice of cake! Remember this other Kundalini Mantra… “KEEP UP AND YOU WILL BE KEPT UP”.

I can’t emphasize enough how amazing this practice is. Kundalini yoga really can help you and your wellbeing. It provides healing… Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Who knows… It may just help YOU transform your life…

Every Kundalini practice ends with the Mantra…

“SAT NAM” meaning “Truth Is My Identity”.

“May the long time sun shine upon you,

All love surround you,

And the pure light within you,

Guide your way on.”



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