An Intense And Truthful New Moon In Scorpio, On November 4th, 2021…

An Intense And Truthful New Moon In Scorpio, On November 4th, 2021

A Scorpio New Moon is entering the sky on Thursday, November 4th, 2021, assisting us in getting in touch with our emotions and intuition, discovering parts of ourselves that have been dormant or abandoned. This next lunar cycle will awaken our Love for truth and the courage to reclaim the freedom of expression that has been suppressed from us by fear and manipulation.

The New Moon always starts a new cycle allowing us to start fresh, to renew our vows to ourselves and life. Many energy fields are activated to support the wave of awakening that is growing within people, looking for fairness, legality, and justice.

You will generally feel a strong pull inward during this month, digging into suppressed emotions or painful scars. Be aware of how you react to these states of mind; make sure you use these opportunities to understand yourself better and transmute your emotional energy by not getting caught up in rehashing or harboring intense anger or resentment for the sake of it.

Scorpio’s ability to excavate and bring issues to light will allow you to merge into a compassionate new beginning, as its energy will naturally guide you into a process of transformation and change.

Overall we are all going to feel the intensity of this New Moon in Scorpio.

The water nature of Scorpio will help you release and forgive.

Uranus, opposite Scorpio, will show us the evident truths that have been hidden, creating shocks, unrest, and unpleasant surprises on public, political, and financial levels.

Uranus connected to Taurus may reveal issues with food and supplies in general since people are deciding to leave jobs that don’t respect them in their personal choices of freedom and health.

Mars in Scorpio will push us into a call to action to create a paradigm shift, implementing futuristic social organizations that oppose governmental control and guard our freedoms.

Venus is positioned in the Galactic Center to open a window to a high level of energy to influence all we do and receive powerful information regarding wealth and social truths.

It is essential to find our center within and avoid dramas and negativity at all costs.

Know that a new era is forming. So much destruction is happening because humanity has lived in unsustainable ways, abusing the innocence of the masses, the equilibrium of Nature, while losing sight of the true meaning of life, freedom, and social collaboration.


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