An Innocent Man

My commute to work is a lovely back road scenic drive over the “mountain” as we from Berkshire County, MA travel to Columbia County, NY. It is exactly what you see in picture books, coffee table books and images of backroads and the path less traveled documentaries depicting the simpler way of life. The fields leading way to the distant Berkshire Hills and eventually the Catskill Mountains. The farmers on their John Deere, farm stands every few miles with trust buckets to leave your cash, take your veggies, coolers with fresh eggs, containers with freshly picked flowers and little to no real traffic to be concerned of. This drive is one of the many joys of living in rural America or as my friend, Jennifer Mach, commonly refers to “the 413”.

Four days a week I enjoy the quiet time on this road contemplating my day ahead, talking to my guides, hearing their answers, listening to fantasy football talk tell me how to win big even though I never do. It is an extraordinary time twice a day for reflection and guidance which brings me to the point of this musing.

Last week, being the end of the regular football season and deciding I needed some music rather than talk, I tuned into the Billy Joel radio station for a change of headspace and was greeted almost instantly by “An Innocent Man” and the beginning of a contemplative day turned a week.

I had been spending time wondering why we as humans have such a difficult time separating the ego from the soul.

Attempting to truly understand the difference to easily differentiate between the “I” in the “I am” and the “EEK” in the “Ego.”

Once again, Spirit led me to music for a greater understanding.

Some people stay far away from the door

If there’s a chance of it opening up

They hear a voice in the hall outside

And hope that it just passes by

Some people live with the fear of a touch

And the anger of having been a fool

They will not listen to anyone

So nobody tells them a lie

I know you’re only protecting yourself.

“Protect me from what?”


Freedom to be, to let, to allow, to live. Freedom to choose your life on your terms. Freedom to love rejection as much as you love reward. Freedom to allow the ebbs and flows of life and all its ups and downs, strangers and friends, lovers and foes to come and go with the same freedom.

Freedom to know unconditional love, acceptance.

Freedom to learn all there is to learn about you without caution or criticism.


“I get that. Free Will, the Magician, The Secret, I’ve read the books. There has to be more.”

Some people see through the eyes of the old

Before they ever get a look at the young

Some people say they will never believe

Another promise they hear in the dark

Because they only remember too well

They heard somebody tell them before

Some people sleep all alone every night

Instead of taking a lover to bed

Some people find that it’s easier to hate

Than to wait anymore

I know you don’t want to hear what I say

I know you’re gonna keep turning away

There isn’t more than Freedom, and it isn’t that easy.

Freedom isn’t something you read and learn from books, it is learned from experiencing all life has to offer while remaining non-judgemental, un-affected by the illusion seeming negativity.

I’m only willing to hear you cry

Because I am an innocent man

I am an innocent man

Oh yes I am

“Yeah, well being Human isn’t as fun as you portend it to be.

There are no college bills due in Heaven..”

You know you only hurt yourself out of spite

I guess you’d rather be a martyr tonight

That’s your decision

But I’m not below

Anybody, I know

If there’s a chance of resurrecting a love

I’m not above going back to the start

To find out where the heartache began

Apparent Negativity, senseless worry, fear, living in the Ego mind is not Freedom, it isn’t loving, it isn’t SOUL.

“It is living in a material world in which we must live as humans to survive.”

If all you want to do is survive, sure.

I thought by now you understood Humans are all here to thrive.

Some people hope for a miracle cure

Some people just accept the world as it is

But I’m not willing to lay down and die

Because I am an innocent man

I am an innocent man

Oh yes I am

An innocent man

“What are you attempting to convey?!”

I am an innocent man

Oh yes I am

An innocent man

“Are you telling me YOU are the innocent man?!”

No, I am telling you, YOU are the innocent man.

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