An Empowering Full Moon In Virgo On March 18th, 2022…

An Empowering Full Moon In Virgo On March 18th, 2022

An Empowering Full Moon in Virgo on March 18th, 2022, provides grounding and clarity about what needs to be taken care of and healed.

The mystical, beautiful light of the Full Moon in Virgo will shine with an accentuated clarity and discernment, bringing downloads, insights, and inspiration.

Things that were vague or hidden will appear visible in all their nature for you to make informed decisions.

It is a time of realization, a time of clarity, and let go.

This Moon shows us the actual state of health and wealth in our lives, allowing our consciousness to awaken and release some ideas or principles that have proven to be “slave systems” hidden behind accepted common social expectations.

Spring cleaning on a mental, energetic and physical level!

You may feel ready to let go of a construct of security that fails to bring true inner well-being and choose instead to hold on to what feeds your soul.

On a practical level, you will find it possible to finally see, with an objective eye, the possessions that don’t serve you, take too much space and energy, and allow them to find a new home.

The planner in Virgo is establishing a way to work more efficiently, liberate and free up more of your energy, and create tangible results.

Relationships are of primary focus during this month, especially the relationship with yourself!

With the power of the Earth on her side, Virgo loves managing the details of your day.

It will be easier to notice your mental and physical status, emphasize your energy boosts and healthy eating habits, and create self-care routines that maximize positive outcomes.

Virgo focuses on your health and will detail the symptoms you need to be aware of. Your body will speak very loud and clear; you will know if what you do, eat, drink, or think is beneficial to you.

There is birthing energy in the light of this Virgo Full Moon. A higher energy inner click. A readiness to make changes, a need for tangible results, a jump into the trampoline of life to spring into a new layer of awareness, a shift from a state of preparedness to a new start.

To counteract the Virgo tendency to criticize and get stuck in perfectionism, make an inventory, value all you have accomplished, and congratulate yourself.

The Sun opposite the Moon and conjunct to Pisces will support your trust in this new activation of your life embodiment.


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