Amazing Health Benefits Of Millet – A Superfood…

Amazing Health Benefits Of Millet – A Superfood

Millet contains lots of protein, it’s gluten-free, prevents diabetes, prevents gallbladder stones, it’s good for digestion, improves our mood, it’s calming, helps prevent cancer, helps prevent asthma, has a low glycemic index, contains lots of vitamins, lots of magnesium, it’s antimicrobial, anti-yeast, anti-fungal. And millet boosts up our immune system, it’s great for strong bones, important for having a healthy liver and kidneys, and millet can help feed all the starving people of the world.

Millet is a superfood because it contains so many powerful antioxidants. Millet is talked about in the Bible for making bread. And millet has been used for over 10,000 years… and millet grows all over the world. Millet is gluten-free, makes great bread and noodles… and millet cooks very fast.

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