Aloneness During The Time Of Coronavirus…

Aloneness During The Time Of Coronavirus

Whether you are alone in this quarantine or with a partner the fact is that we are all alone….and we are all together.

The aloneness I speak of is the solo journey this epidemic is bringing out. Even if we are in partnership, we might find our preference being more-so to be on opposite ends of the house.

Now is the time to enter into our shadows, the parts we’ve pushed to the side in our busy lives, and the parts we are not proud of. In the past, we maybe had friends around to comfort us during our woos. We were supported and enraptured by other’s energy fields.

Now we might find that we really don’t even have much desire to pick up the phone, and it’s a stir to our nervous systems when the phone does ring.

This is a journey into the self, which you are now undertaking, and NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE can do it for you or even with you. You can try to express your experience to a friend or lover, yet it will be only a partial truth.

This is a time for people’s 5th chakra (voice), to be expressed in ways other than just verbal.

Right now, the ecology of whom we are is morphing and changing. And, what wants to be expressed might need just a bit more time to metabolize.

Give yourself permission to find peace and surrender in the silence. In the breath.

And, in this isolation, in this aloneness, see if you can experience a stronger field of connection around you. In whatever field you choose to be in.

If it’s a zoom call you are partaking in, the field will be stronger!
If it’s a Whole Foods run you are partaking in, the field will be stronger!

And if you choose to tap into the energetic field of the town you live in, the state, or even the collective conscious energy of world…………..

Maybe, just maybe, you will discover, you really were never alone after all.


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