Allowing Others To Control You…

Allowing Others To Control You

When you make a decision that could alter your future, you will need to be willing to fight the good fight. You are going to come up against many impediments, mostly from people you know. Some will probably be from friends and family who will openly voice their opinions telling you, your foolish to give up on what you already have, your too old, too young, not clever enough or crazy to even try. When you are armed ahead of time to expect this response, you can shut it down before it enters your consciousness.

No one can make a decision for you unless you let them, and you should never be tempted to give that responsibility to someone else. Something as important as the direction you wish to take your life in must always remain in the hands of that person who will be at the helm creating it, it must come from you alone.

If you surrender to control from others, you will never really know the power of your own mind, your personal value that lives deep in your heart and soul, the very fabric that wills you to dream for better. Stop allowing anyone to dictate how you should live or what you should expect to have based on their principles; you are a beautiful, unique creation with an array of potential just waiting to burst forth.

Protect your dreams and your most vital thoughts; refrain from sharing any information with those whom you know will give negative feedback. When the doors of exciting opportunity swing in your favour, you will rapidly identify those who care by their words and actions and the ones secretly wishing for your demise behind your back. You may have to part ways with some to reach your pinnacle, but if they’re not cheering you on from the sidelines, perhaps they were never your biggest fans in the first place.


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Geraldine Mair


Geraldine is a Certified Complementary Therapist, holding diplomas in Counselling and Psychology. Having offered talking therapies to clients over many…

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