All is Now, Now is All

The actual moment of the now is not perceived by thought or reason. You may, after its passing, use memories to compare it to other moments, to create a meaning, to decide what it means. but this will only give a fraction of the moments meaning.

The actual moment itself is just too big, too wild to be contained by the words of the mind. It is life itself and has no comparison, no perceived outcome, no beginning, and no end.

The willingness to be with the moment, without conditions and expectations, is the ultimate acceptance of life. It is a submersion into the unknown and a surrender to its timeless threads. It is where we fall in love, where we find peace and where we forgive. But these times of loved mystery are often fleeting, we can become drawn away from its journey by the wish to compare the incomparable; so, we think ourself out of the moment, look to decide a meaning, give it a purpose that fits what is already known, what is already finite.

In doing so, we lose its living presence and assign it to the catacombs of memory.

But the moment of the now is always there, it was there before we thought and will be there after we have thought. It is a living moment that exists outside of time. It has no season and no agenda. It is the crucible of life; of every step and every breath we take.

It is where the soul can breathe. Unrestricted and undistracted, we become at home with the ineffable. And can be are at peace with that, for there is no need to be anywhere else. It is love, for when we love we abandon our resistance to life, we enter its flow and become a part of all that we see, and all is well.

(extract from The Heart Knows What the Mind Cannot See


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