The New Buzzword “Alignment” And What It Really Means…

The New Buzzword “Alignment” And What It Really Means

Everybody’s talking about alignment. It seems to be the buzzword nowadays and yet it’s a concept hanging in the air without clarity to what and how. It’s like my client said the other day, every psychologist she has been seeing, talks about the trigger, but nobody has told her what to do about the trigger. Same with “alignment”, what are you supposed to be in alignment to, why is that important and how do you do that?

So, let’s dive into that.

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Energy vibration frequency

When we talk alignment, we talk about energy vibration frequency. And it means to have the same energy vibration frequency of that which you want to create, attract, or manifest. Because our thoughts are electrical currents and carry information like radio waves, our energy vibration frequency is our currency. When you get into alignment, you align with the currency of what you want. You choose your thoughts to have the same energy vibration frequency as your desires. Your State-Of-Being – what you think, feel, speak and do, is the new currency. And if you think of what you desire as an energy frequency like a radio station, then it is to tune your state-of-being to broadcast the frequency of what you wish to manifest.

Does that make sense?

How do you do that exactly?

Be happy!

In short, be happy! Everything that we want, is because of how it will make us feel. And by feeling what we would feel when we have what we want, means that you attract it to you instead of chasing after it. This is the difference between allowing and resisting. Because any way that you try to make it happen radiates control and resistance. It comes from a consciousness of lack and fear. What it comes down to, is to trust and surrender to the Universe to bring you what you desire. Your job is to create with your imagination by visualizing and feeling your vision (what and why), surrender it, and keep your grubby little hands of the how. That is the playing field of Infinite Intelligence that is connected to your subconscious mind.

The thing is, the Universe has a much better plan of how to manifest what you want than you can ever have. Where we actually shoot ourselves in the foot, is that we don’t really believe that we can have what we want, we don’t think we deserve it. That is the work of alignment. To first of all make the decision that you believe in what you want to create, that you can have and deserve what you desire, and to accept that you don’t know how to create that in the best possible way. To have faith in the Power of the Universal Laws – that when you ask, you receive. When you set your intention with an elevated emotion, that it is done. That it will show up, without a doubt.

To take your thoughts and mind off this world and place your entire focus on your Inner Presence that is your Source of unlimited supply. That means not letting the appearances of the outer world interfere with your energy vibration frequency.

How do you do that?

Proactively focus on the end

You do that by proactively keep your mind busy with what you want, with what gives you joy, and by being grateful for receiving it. This all shows that you believe that what you want is on its way to you. You create your world and your business with every emotionalized thought and word. In your business, focus on doing what you love with love. Let serving and seeking to serve others be your intention. Give value to your peeps in all you do. With every email, post, blog, podcast, have the intention of advancing others. Focus on your manifested vision with joy and gratitude and with everything you do, see it contributing to the manifested vision. In that way, you don’t focus on the likes, or comments, or money coming in, you are being the one who already has it.

This of course implies that you have clarity about your vision. That you can see yourself in that movie, what you would say and do. Continuously elaborate on what the end of having what you want would look like. Visualize, feel, scrip, and speak it…become it! Let your inner world be more important than your outer world. Then notice, count, and celebrate everything that does show up on the physical plane with gratitude.

Quantum field

These are all principles of the quantum field of Infinite Intelligence. Raising your vibration by focusing on what makes you happy and gives you the feeling of having what you want already, you become who you really are. We don’t attract what we want, we attract who we are. Can you see that by consciously and deliberately focusing on aligning your energy vibration frequency with that of abundance and gratitude, you accelerate the manifestation of what you want to create in your business? By practicing this continuously, you integrate and become this State-Of-Being of your true self – the who you need and want to be in order to manifest your awesome soul-purpose vision.


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