I’m Alexander Papageorghiou, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Alexander Papageorghiou, And This Is My Dharma

I was born in Switzerland more than 30 years ago and have since lived in Greece, Israel, Spain, and Cyprus, and hopefully relocating to new pastures very soon. I have had the chance to explore different cultures and see the world as one community of being and not divisively, as we are portrayed, but as one race and one people, citizens of this amazing planet. I have lived a left-brained existence most of my life, going about the route of studies and career with a firm will to succeed for many years. I have since ventured out on my own, continually evolving, embracing my right-brain, love, and working to peel the 3D layers off and reveal my 5D self. As I find myself almost a decade later, I am thankful, blessed, and reciprocating, happily helping people who come my way, in the same state I was in so many years ago. I have since found my other half, my passion, let go of the superfluous, and trained myself to be ever-adapting and fluid in these times whilst letting the light and the Creator show me exactly who I have always been, under all the fear, the anger, and the blockages of my prior existence. I have relinquished pursuits of success and “glory” for LOVE, the will to embrace happiness on a daily and hourly basis, and to be a permanent seeker of truth and purity.

Personal or Professional Goals:

My ultimate goal is to spread love, compassion, and empowerment where they are lacking most, and to eradicate the illusion of fear from the lives of those who wish to elevate themselves above the physical, helping to expose their infinite consciousness and their direct link to the Source.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

We are all here to be what we have always been. We are blessed to be awake or awakening and to have a community spanning the globe for feedback, love, and help. I am happy to be part of that cycle. After so many years without a digital footprint, I am happy to be able to share my experiences through this website and help those awakening.

Who/What Inspires You?

I am inspired by the mindful individual who questions reality and seeks to address the issues that create blockages within their live, not accepting the mediocrity of “being fine,” but yearning for the ultimate answers as to what our journey through this life entails, and not being afraid of facing whatever arises in the process.


I seek to simplify and elaborate on the Ascension Process and its different dimensions, empowering the individual and helping them to connect with their own infinity, which has laid dormant for too long.

Favorite Quote:

“A wise man knows that he knows nothing at all.” We are always exactly where we are meant to be and are always learning. In this, humility is key.

Love is the Vessel

I act as a messenger between one and their guidance, helping them understand their purpose during this journey and how to address their fears and the blockages which prevent them from reaching the place that grants them the happiness they seek. The point of this journey we call life is to achieve and balance, and through this, happiness. Love is the vessel for this.




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