Advice For Empaths During Crisis…

Advice For Empaths During Crisis

Life is grand, abundant, and shimmering no matter what.

Amidst all of the hubbub, me, an highly, highly sensitive empath, feel one of two ways: Anxious or Annoyed. There is alot of panic and fear being spread in the media right now and it frustrates me. Vibrationally speaking, spreading fear breeds more fear which creates an unhappy, skittish collective consciousness. I want for humanity to be at its highest vibration and it‘s not happening at the moment and I feel sad honestly. After talking to a family friend, about how I feel and the state of world, she blessed me with this beautiful pithy of advice: Be a leader and remain neutral.

Meet Negativity with Neutrality and Peace

No matter what is happening in life or on the planet, meeting negativity with negativity only lowers our vibration. When we encounter something that is particularly negative, we have a choice: Lead and be the change we desire or allow our aura to drift with every wind of drivel. Personally, I allow for things to upset me to the core, especially when I see injustice. My emotions become worked up and I feel outraged. I don’t want to feel like this anymore. My friend’s advice freed me. There is absolutely no point in reacting or feeding into negativity. Instead, with practice and time, learn to meet things with acceptance (neutrality) and positive leadership in a higher direction.

Acceptance and leadership are the antidote to negative reaction.

All is well in your world. You are protected, peaceful, and infinitely abundant!

Stay in the sunshine.


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