According To Hinduism Is Our Life Partner Fixed Or Predestined?…

According To Hinduism Is Our Life Partner Fixed Or Predestined?

Our life partner’ means one who shares their life with us, sailing together through the smooth as well as rough tides. Therefore, one’s eagerness to know how we get connected with this person, who strikes the right chord in our heart from day one and over time becomes a lovable and caring soulmate, is but natural.

Is it predestined?

Yes, it is! According to Hinduism, our life partner is a result of our past karma and therefore is indeed predestined.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, explains how the science of karma works:

The Science of Karma

Whatever we experience through our five senses, externally and internally, is all a karmic result (effect) of the karma (causes) sown in past life. This world runs on the science of cause and effect.

Karma gets constantly bound through our inner intentions, and the fruits of that karma are reaped in the next life in the form of what we experience then. The intensity of our inner intent with respect to that person in the past life, determines our attraction towards the person in this life. The more the intensity, the more we feel attracted to the person, naturally. This is how the law of karma works!

And hence, life-events like studying, finding a job, marriage, retirement or death- everything is predetermined!

But while our beloved is predestined, we do not know beforehand who he is, isn’t it? So when it comes to choosing a life partner,, one must look at the inner character, meaning inner beauty of the person with whom we intend to spend our whole life together, as it is the most important pillar for a happy married life. Such a person is wholly sincere to their life partner just as we ideally would to him/her. And a person with a pure and true character would never hurt you and you too should decide to not hurt him/her ever in life. This makes married life a peaceful one!


Nevertheless, there are people who in their past birth have made firm intentions on having a pure celibate life, and hence choose to be a celibate in this life. This too is predestined!

So whether it is about a life partner or about celibacy, everything in life is predestined! But celibacy is the best intent to keep if one wants to progress speedily on the spiritual path! A celibate’s life is more blissful and peaceful than those who are married, and celibacy is one of the most powerful tools that leads one to liberation forever!


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