A Visionary And Futurist New Moon In Aquarius On February 1st, 2022…

A Visionary And Futurist New Moon In Aquarius On February 1st, 2022

New Moons are known for opening a doorway into your life every month, and the New Moon in Aquarius on February 1st, 2022, clearly marks the beginning of a new cycle as Capricorn’s cycle ends.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, contributes to the rush of energy into the biomagnetic shields with surges of solar flares that will spark more energy coming into the Earth.

Expect a great wave of positive energy flooding into our atmosphere.

As the frequency gets higher, you can feel dizzy, experience sleepless nights, ringing in your ears, and sometimes even exhaustion.

New light codes are being released at this time to initiate healing processes that include Joy as a way to raise our frequency.

Remember that Frequency is the fundamental principle of the Universe, and our frequency level will determine the quality of your reality and the level of your healing.

Singing and dancing help you uplift your frequency before tuning into the moon and expressing your desires.

Aquarius has a visionary and futurist frequency; it’s the sign of Truth and Science, so we can expect to finally see the truth around science and the way it is being used.

Uranus is a solid presence on this New Moon.

Uranus is the planet of the awakening linked to our super consciousness, vibrating an octave higher than Mercury; Uranus brings in the Higher Mind and Higher Knowledge; its revolutionary frequency will elevate humanity to a new level of reality when we follow the signs.

New beginnings in the sign of Aquarius will affect friendship, social activities and group projects, humanitarian efforts, and social pursuits.

Aquarius is allowing you to revitalize yourself through experiences that are new and original. You may be more open to reaching out to people in your social circle and your community and appreciating more the value of your friendships and social networks.

Think “outside of the box”!

Expect a future that brings a brand new, positive, and creative vision. Socialize to create more authentic connections; focus on how you can be helpful to others, receive support, and openly express love for those around you.

Be Curious to Know Your Real Self!

Have you wanted to change things up a bit but didn’t have enough strength to act on it?

This potent Aquarius energy gives you a chance to make progressive changes in your life.

Detach from your “comfort zone” to break away from self-sabotaging and destructive behaviors that are holding you back.

You may find yourself speeding up and solving situations that have kept you paralyzed for a long time. This New Moon creates a sense of momentum and fast-moving events that make the perfect flow of energy for you to navigate your expectations and reach new horizons.

This New Moon aligns with Saturn to help you engage with unwavering determination to start fresh and give your dreams a chance!


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