A Traveling Man

A Freelance Writing:


This time she stood strong,

This time he was wrong,

She walked,

And he crawled.

She would get up,

And He would fall.

He made her strong,

This time,

It wouldn’t take him long.

He just wanted a country song.

A traveling man,

Is who he was,

And who he will be,

A forever man,

That no one can see.

Atleast not with me.

He will always be the one,

Who is single and free.

He will show up

And appear,

But when he will leave,

That will be your next fear.

All that will be left

Will be the shedding of a tear.

He will always

Look for another angel,

And you will be left,

In a mess of a tangle.

So just walk away,

If you get a chance,

Or better yet,

Just Take a stance.

He will leave you

On the side,

That it will feel

Like a hell of a roller coaster ride.

Twisting and turning,

You will feel like hell burning.

Choose right,

And choose the light,

Or you will have,

One hell of a fight!

Choose life,

And choose to stand,

He has no choice to go,

He is a traveling man.

Take back your power,

And Don’t worry,

He will be gone

Within the hour.

By: Diane Marie Smith

Written December 2019


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