A time of Transition and Awakening with the New Moon Sagittarius Solar Eclipse, Saturday, Dec. 4th, 2021, at 3:30 pm EST…

A time of Transition and Awakening with the New Moon Sagittarius Solar Eclipse, Saturday, Dec. 4th, 2021, at 3:30 pm EST

Welcome to a time of Transition and Awakening!

The Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse expected on Saturday, December 4th, 2021, represents the ultimate letting go of the ideology of separation of spirit and the illusion of control of our reality.

Eclipses are wake-up calls!

With this second Eclipse of this season, we are in the process of transformation, transmutation, and the new.

We are entering the phase of the caterpillar.

It is time to melt and transmute into multidimensional beings that operate in

multidimensional worlds.

To enter these divine inner dimensions, we need to claim and understand the truth

of who we are.

A reset and beginning point.

Know that your mind will play tricks on you and present walls of limitations made by fears of insanity.

Get used to the vastness of your being, dive into your infinite self, remember that you have chosen to be here at this time.

It is scary and unknown if you want to understand it from your mental plane only.

Teach your mind to connect to your higher mind, go beyond appearances, and travel into new realms with an open mind and a whole heart.

Know that your heart knows the truth of what it needs to birth, align with the heart of the planet, and receive a new consciousness to create a new world, a new dimension, a new self.

Be clear on what you are not accepting moving forward.

Let go of doubt, comparison, ideas that work only on the 3D plane and that suffocate your true nature, only because you have forgotten the totality of your essence.

Ask yourself,

How can I honor myself? How may I embrace my human and divine self without losing myself?”

We are part of the Sea of Cosmic Consciousness. We are Beings of Light and Love.

As we awaken to the divine nature within us, we can let go of fixing and trying to do things as they used to be.

Let go.

All systems, all that you know, all felt safe because they were limited and controlled.

Monitor your life by what feeds you and what depletes you.

Notice if parts of you are waiting to be acknowledged or part of you that needs to go.

Be your master. Know your truth.

Breathe in, to hold sacred your energy and exhale, to purify.

Every moment, every attitude, every insight counts. Trust. Go deeper. Navigate.

Come back transformed.

Learn the language of Cosmic energy, don’t be satisfied with only a cerebral understanding of yourself and the world. There is much more to see and to learn.

This Sagittarius New Moon brings adventure and independence in sync with a visionary Eclipse. This Eclipse ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius will connect you to your potential in multiple timelines.

There are openings that your inner being will understand and feel, as the cosmic portals open to you in the dimensions that you are ready to embrace.

Choose to travel into a higher alignment.

Be aware of your ego and its ways to softly talk you out of the fields of faith and trust.

See how it fills you up with fear and doubts by making you feel anxious about being opened to embrace your Infinite Self.

Perhaps your wounded ego has been hurt in the past and tries to protect you from the unknown. But that’s now shifting. Now it’s the time to be curious and dare to step out of limitations and smallness.

Sagittarius’s energy is helping you to be complete with what it is and what has been.

Sagittarius wants to inspire you to enter the New Earth, connect to the Cosmos with a new vision, and feel the support and guidance that Spirit is showering upon you.

Connection is the new field to master.

Don’t ever feel that you are alone in your journey.

Your Divine Family is with you, and your Source is with you at this time more than ever.

Trust and feel.

The Soul Singing method allows you to receive downloads, insights, and metamorphosis to happen through the most gentle and profound guidance of channeled songs and the vibration of the pure sound of the singing bowls.

The guidance of the Wish Activation Cards will uplift and shift your mind, will activate your ability to manifest on a higher level while setting up a path of abundance.


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