A Time Of Resurrection; New Moon In Scorpio, November 15th, 2020…

A Time Of Resurrection; New Moon In Scorpio, November 15th, 2020

Scorpio is the truth seeker, and it’s revealing emotional truths on a personal and collective level, allowing for a new expansion.

The collective consciousness has undergone an energetic makeover throughout 2020, and this New Moon in Scorpio is imprinting in it the alchemy of rebirth; the ability to transmute darkness into light through the fire of the heart.

This New Moon represents the best creative moment of the year, boosting confidence and creativity, renewing self-esteem, and mental clarity.

Your Visionary Self is Awakening Under Mars’ Energy.

Mars going back direct will release a raw and upward pushing force, forming a new path of resolution for your next undertaking. Profound shifts will occur in what used to be your perception of personal limitations and fears. As a result, your energy will feel more focused, business ideas will take life, and new paths of opportunities will bring your status to a new level.

Venus is squaring with Pluto and the New Moon.

Venus, as usual, is infusing our processes with her shining light. This month her position is excellent for security and abundance; take advantage of this positive influence and focus on what you want, on the solution – not on the problem.

Jupiter, the emphasizer, the beautifier, positive and optimistic, and Pluto – the Lord of the underworld, death, and rebirth, control and power, are conjunct with Capricorn for the third time this year. During this last phase, you get to harvest the fruits of this conjunction and expect to achieve the success and accomplishments you deserve.

Mercury is wiser and going back straight after going retrograde on October 13th. Now we can start over with the potential to build up from the ground, with a heartfelt new passion for our craft.

Mercury has reset a new starting point making each one of us count. Each one of us is a portal of magic or pain. What do you choose to be?

We are the ones that can use the alchemical ability of Scorpio to shed its skin, and like the Phoenix, choose to rise from our ashes and offer the world a better NOW.

During the New Moon Meditation, we will connect to the bright side of this benevolent New Moon to harvest courage, support for our transformation, and light to guide our steps into the underworld. The Sound Light Language and the higher frequency of the Singing Bowls will open a path for us to know ourselves better and to grow in awareness and love. Each one of us is part of this transformation. Each a support for another forming a chain of love and freedom.

Much Love,



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