A Super Woman

A woman …

A woman , powerful , beautiful, eccentric !

As I write this I can’t stop but think of the ways a woman inspires. Being a woman and living a daily life is different. To be able to view her from a distance to gather more about her is something else.

She has many faces, forms and entitles.

She has many demons in her as well. The kind that make her the most beautiful and best as well as those that make her strong and daring .

She has an appeal that no man can beat.

She can thrive in adversity.. in pain .. and in struggle.

She is as strong as a diamond and as soft as a blooming lotus flower.

She is unstoppable and truly God gifted .

It’s amazing what all she can do and where she can go.hiw much she can love and heal…

Most of all it’s eccentric and amazing the way she take you to places you have never seen before .

She can create spaces in you and can fill the gaps in them as well.

She is ever forgiving , ever dynamic …

Matter what circumstances she is in , she will be kind enough to show you the true meaning of life and how to live it .

She knows how to get things done in the best possible ways.

A woman is a miracle of God. She is truly a Superwoman , a superhero

(Psst… A man is too ????)


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Amina Yusra

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