A Spiritually Activated Full Moon In Pisces On September 20th, 2021…

A Spiritually Activated Full Moon In Pisces On September 20th, 2021

A revolution of perception in the field of possibility is forming within the bright light of the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces on September 20th, 2021.

An important Full Moon in Pisces aligned with the Galactic Center brings a bigger vision for humanity by teaching us that frequency and energy are mirrors of our power.

When we act from a small self, our mirrors will form exactly what our perception has created, a scarce and restricted reality.

When we awaken to our expanded field of vibration and frequency, our mirrors will reflect an augmented reality with multiple possibilities.

This Pisces Full Moon has a Transcendental quality and brings us the opportunity to make radical changes in a harmonious, synchronistic, and interconnected manner.

Once a year, the full Moon in Pisces helps us enter a closure space with a broader view of our cycles. We can use this surge of energy to culminate a process now at the forefront of our vision.

We are literally inside a storm of a shift of consciousness. The forgetfulness and the passivity of life that is disconnected from the Cosmic Flow is over. Use imagination and manifestation to visualize what you want to create.

Pisces is about unconditional love, galactic consciousness, intuition, imagination, and is ruled by Neptune having no boundaries, allowing for exploration of the unknown.

Opposing the Full Moon is the Sun in Virgo creating a synchronized action made by the love for details coming from the heart and a larger view of possibilities witnessed by the vastness of Pisces.

Try not to resist this powerful current, go with this Divine Flow.

The Pisces frequency gives us the possibility to see the world from a bird’s eye view. Use this spiritual dimension to meditate, create a vision board, experience with our senses, and allow the mirrors of expanded realities, to form a world of peace, abundance, and love.

Healing happens only when you can admit that there is a problem. The dust and the dirt that has been shoveled underneath the rug have reached a level of culmination. Take the first step by starting to see the world for what it is.

To keep humanity in fear and isolation is an attempt to crash the mirrors of the magnificence of manifestation. It’s a game that wants to distract humanity from its most authentic essence; the Power of Creation through Pure Intention.

Think of it as a way to support the Cosmos. Every time you focus on higher frequencies and avoid engaging in negativity you are assisting a divine plan. Dedicate moments throughout your days to focus on a higher dimension, release any doubt, imagine a world of soul-connected relationships, and you’ll serve a Divine Plan of Union and Solidarity.

Pisces represents harmony and the unseen, and both these elements are present in the music. Use music to relax and go deep. Vocalize; use your voice to feel your vibration deep within your body.

In Love,



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Donatella Moltisanti


A naturally-gifted healer with a music conservatory degree in opera performance and teaching, Donatella Moltisanti is the founder of the…

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