A Skincare Guide For The Modern Gentleman…

A Skincare Guide For The Modern Gentleman

Personal grooming has always been an issue rife with gender bias. The strong, rugged, masculine man does the bare minimum to keep himself clean while the soft, pretty woman spends hours on a beauty routine, right? Of course not! This is a myth that’s never really been true, and it’s never been less true than it is today. Men understand that their appearance matters, and that healthy skin is a big indicator of a person’s overall health.

What has changed in recent years is the availability of skincare and grooming products available to men. With the influx of soaps, scrubs, creams and oils, it can be difficult to determine what is helpful, and what the average man needs. Here are some tips to help you navigate the men’s skincare aisle at your favorite stores.

Stay Clean

Let’s start with something (hopefully) obvious. Healthy skin starts with clean skin. You need to wash your face! Some men prefer a gentle liquid soap. That works well for people who don’t suffer from acne or coarse, fast growing facial hair. For those that do, a scrub with an exfoliating agent is a good tool. Exfoliants remove dead skin as they clean, and often take build-up from dirt and blackheads with them. You may use clean hands or a washcloth to get the job done, just make sure you’re using very warm water to provide an extra layer of protection from germs.


Clean skin is a great place to start. If you want to level up, you’ll be trying to get soft, glowing skin. A variety of factors contribute to this healthy look but using some sort of moisturizing agent is the key ingredient. You can try age-defying serums, light creams, or even learn about new, natural approaches like CBD oil by reading Thrive skin reviews. It’s a good idea to balance your moisturizer based upon whether your skin tends to be oily or dry. Regardless, it’s important to find a moisturizing agent that protects you from the sun. Many have SPF 15 sunblock included in their chemical composition. If not, add sunblock to protect your skin and fight off early aging, even on cloudy or wintry days.

Use Pre-Shave and Aftershave

We touched on exfoliating scrubs a bit earlier, but now we’ll look at how they fit into a shaving routine. By applying an exfoliating pre-shave scrub with warm water, you are getting your face ready for your razor! What the pre-shave does is brings the hair out, making it “stand up,” so to speak, and to soften it at the same time, making it easier to cut through. If you have sensitive skin that’s prone to acne or nicks, this helps even more in tandem with shaving cream. Finishing your shaving routine off with a light application of an after-shave that has little or no alcohol will keep natural protective oils working with a healthy shine, without drying out the skin.

A note about shaving products. You don’t have to buy expensive boutique creams and accessories, but you also don’t want to get the cheapest razors and creams available. Spend a little more for shaving cream or gel that comes in a tube or container rather than an aerosol spray and buy name brand razors and blades for best results.

Water, Rest, and Diet

While all these treatments and techniques are effective, they’re not magic. They won’t give you their full benefit if you’re working against them by treating your body poorly. A bad diet can wreak havoc on the skin, and so can long nights. Your skin looks its best when you get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and eat healthy foods with a balanced diet. Alcohol, tobacco, sweets, and greasy food in regular doses will counteract even the best skincare routine.

Take pride in your appearance and give yourself the best foot forward by getting the most out of your skin. Who doesn’t want to look cleaner, healthier, more attractive and younger?


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