A Shaft Of Moonlight For Meditation…

A Shaft Of Moonlight For Meditation

Being sensitive to light, I awoke. I thought it was my neighbor’s porch light. But no. It was the moon. The illumination led me to the Lanai; a safe haven in which to view this glowing orb.

I sat listening to the strangely quiet forest. Then I noticed it. A mystical shaft of light, a haze of light in a soft curvaceous cone, existing in the clearing.

Now, I’ve seen moonlight before. On the bay, on the ocean, glistening and twinkling on wavelets. But I’ve never seen this before.

Of what energy is this reflected sunlight? It feels to have its own intention, an invitational spotlight of sorts.

Ancestral sisters must have been called to dance their feminine secrets in similar subtle swaths of light. Some part of me yearned to enter it, to bathe in it, to receive it and dance in it.

Perhaps another time.

I feel too tame at the moment.

For now, I share and hold its magnificent presence in the still stance I take.

For now, IT dances for me!


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Meredith Zelman-Narissi

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