A Psychic Full Moon in Pisces, September 10th, 2022…

A Psychic Full Moon in Pisces, September 10th, 2022

Cradled in the heart of Virgo season, an exciting and complex Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday, September 10th, 2022, will affect our sensitivity and relationship between our human and spiritual selves.

As always, the Full Moon matures things into fruition, consciousness, visibility, and awareness every month.

The Pisces energy is beautiful, spiritually expanded, creatively artistic, and prone to bring us into an altered and meditative state. Perfect to connect more fully to Source and Infinite Self.

Conversely, the Sun in Virgo is creating a dualistic dance with Virgo’s grounded, earthy, physical energy, more focused on the practical and organization of life.

These planetary opposites are an excellent opportunity to master balance and understand how to be spiritually connected and physically grounded in our bodies and reality.

It will be pivotal to master discernment, have firm boundaries, and the ability to transform heavy and demanding energies into Light!

During this lunar cycle, it will be appropriate to focus on boundaries since the Full Moon in Pisces conjunct to Neptune is doubling your sensitivity and augmenting your feelings. You may be particularly attuned to your environment, opening up a space of vulnerability towards people or situations that take advantage of your attention and willingness to help.

You can find yourself open and willing to love and help everyone around you, vulnerable to people demanding your attention and energy. Yet, at the end of the day, you may be caught in other people’s negativity and carry emotions and energies that don’t belong to you.

This Full Moon will show you the true colors of the people in your life.

The Sun in Virgo will help you to have discernment and choose wisely who you want to help and why. Protect your ability to give and know who deserves your love to avoid falling into the lower aspects of Pisces, which include victims, illusion, helplessness, addictions, and secrets.

Jupiter (ruler of Pisces) and Mercury (ruler of Virgo) will connect throughout September in a rare and long dance that will bring intentionality and focus between the realms of the mind and spirit.

Mercury is going retrograde on September 9th to prompt resets and wake-up calls regarding restoring the balance of giving and receiving and the awareness of your path.

This Full Moon in Pisces is very intuitive, almost psychic, to help us focus more on our intuition, trust it and follow our inner voice. Consider taking a stand for what you know to be true to you and for the principles you believe in.

Create your life energy field that includes all aspects of yourself that don’t divide into good or bad, right or wrong. It releases judgment and welcomes transformation.


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