A Powerful Full Thunder Moon In Capricorn On July 13th, 2022…

A Powerful Full Thunder Moon In Capricorn On July 13th, 2022

On July 13th, 2022, a Full Moon in Capricorn will embrace the archetypes of the divine masculine and the sacred feminine to restructure them into our lives in a divine balance.

We still feel the ancient codes of the Archaic Feminine that came into embodiment during the last New Moon in Cancer. If you felt heavy and had a tough week during the last New Moon, you are not alone; no one was prepared to feel the full extent of the Cosmic Mother energy that permeated our consciousness.

The energy blast of the last New Moon in Cancer felt like an energetic earthquake, an atavic and unknown source of life force has landed in our consciousness in ways we can’t yet imagine; an inner tsunami that has shaken the very core of our feminine, to restructure itself in a new and yet ancient way.

Full Moon in Capricorn

As we approach the Full Moon in Capricorn, we find a moment of stability on a physical and material level. At the same time, the emotional plane is still unsettling under the influence of the Moon and Pluto, highlighting what’s unfair. Profound psychological realizations and understandings are likely to emerge stimulated by the intensity of Pluto. Something deep about how to create boundaries is becoming clearer, especially around recognizing toxic energies that need to be eliminated from our environment.

The Full Moon is taking into fruition our inner realizations around relationships that don’t respect and honor the feminine present in every individual (regardless of gender), including the relationship with ourselves. Have you accepted to be less in your environment to keep the peace? Are you choosing to adapt like a chameleon to fit others’ needs? Or maybe you found it useful to be the enabler, not to cross the road with the power in charge?

Capricorn is giving you the power to stand up for your needs and say no, to anything that is not in alignment with your best interests. The Full Moon in Capricorn will clarify which prototype of the suppressed feminine you wear to go through life. You may also realize that your way of perceiving your role in life has been influenced by your family history, creating an opportunity to heal your lineage.

If you feel ready to come out of your limiting role and start reclaiming the power of the Cosmic womb, you may feel the Universe’s support. Uranus contributes to this evolution by creating shifts in our belief systems, new perspectives, a new future, a new connection to a higher source of power, higher wisdom, powerful spiritual experiences, and inner and outer revelations.

A rare relationship in the North Node, between Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars joining in Taurus, will create the perfect momentum to birth a new intention and manifest a new reality with speedy timing. This is a positive opportunity on a personal level if you need to turn situations in a fast fashion. Collectively, it can feel a bit chaotic; planetary phenomena like earthquakes could take place, and economically may witness a quick turnaround of events.


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