A Powerful Full Moon Eclipse In Sagittarius…

A Powerful Full Moon Eclipse In Sagittarius

A powerful Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is coming on May 26th and is opening the Eclipse Season for 2021.

While Full Moons bring things to closure, Eclipses creates momentum for new beginnings that influence and support our shifts for at least six months.

This Full Moon is enhancing the outline of elements you carry inside of you or in your energy fields and clarifies what belongs to you and what doesn’t. Watch for surprises…Be ready to close a chapter and open another one, a reset, a culmination point, and evaluation with a level of maturity, insight, and opportunities.

On the collective level, we need to review our values and views of life and relationships; look into what the world is going through; see what is not making sense anymore.

Humanity is ready to look and let go of the old and familiar since it is starting to fit too tight in the vision of a world that is ready to explore more of the unknown and the unseen.

This Eclipse is expanding the very parts of yourself that you have been working on. Take a look at what you need to let go of regarding your belief systems, and in doing so, you will influence the collective consciousness.

There is an extensive cycle at play, and it’s assisting us on personal and collective evolution. Focus on what you want to evolve, and nurture your projects with the certainty that the Universe is supporting you.

Communication is stimulated by the Sun’s opposition in Gemini and is a vital way to exercise our voice and understand if we live in truth or not.

Sagittarius is about truth and our understanding of life. It is opening the energy of finding your purpose and the ability to use your power without wasting it by criticizing what other people do and choose. You’ll be challenged to master your tendency to complicate things instead of simplifying them, decide to be more compassionate and sympathetic.

Bursting ideas and a sense of freedom are part of Sagittarius’ Eclipse.

Enter this new Eclipse Season ready to allow the aspect of the nurturing force that is present in nature to enter your spirit. Even if you don’t know where your path is going, still watch and observe, learn and shift as the world shifts with you.

We are witnessing the old matrix crumbling. We are the ones that will transmute the pillars that have been put in place by our traditions regarding faith and belief systems regarding social differences and rights.

Learning and education and the ways we have translated history into our society are ready to be updated. Even the way we learn is changing, influenced by technology and a new consciousness.

Are you willing to let the veils fall? Are you ready to become more assertive and nurture your heart to open?

I am looking forward to sitting down with you and connect to the power of the Eclipse Season and the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Using the humbleness of flexibility, a key point in this lunation, we will allow the new downloads to come through and teach us on a higher plane. The Sound Consciousness we tap into will help our subtle bodies receive what is needed to enter this magical cycle of evolution.

Much Love,



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