A Portal Of Truth~The New Moon In Sagittarius…

A Portal Of Truth~The New Moon In Sagittarius

In the cycles of life, the Moon teaches us a lot about new beginnings, about going into inner processes, how to let go and how to ask.

This Friday, December 7th, the New Moon in Sagittarius will be inspiring and compassionate. It will take the worth of the work that we have been doing during the entire year and will take it to the next level.

This New Moon is bringing the energy of Truth to a whole new level, touching and transforming many lives and revisiting relationship’s equilibrium.

It has already been quite a ride!

This is a powerful time to embrace awareness about who you are, who your friends are, and the intention underneath it all. Many opportunities have been presenting themselves on a personal and collective level creating revealing moments full of clarity.

No more indulging in illusions! Expect your true nature to get amplified.

There are many opportunities for the goodness of your heart to come out in a big way – at the same time if there is a part of you or anyone around you, that is not well-intentioned, it will be shown in a significant way as well.

You are asked to step into your power!

Take time to go within on the day of the New Moon, on Friday, December 7th, to have a conversation with yourself, to clarify and accept aspects of yourself that have been out of control or repressed.

Expect strong feelings to emerge, be open to spontaneous moments where is possible to take a peek into the truth of who you are meant to be and allow yourself to be revealed.

The energy keys for this lunar cycle are a strong sense of authenticity,, individualization, personal process, commitment to your journey, and integration through processing emotions.

Find the truth through conversation and communication.

Take the time to absorb the clarity that you receive in a moment of realization from the inside out, make it a great habit to transform insights into moments of epiphany. As you embody the truth that your inner voice propels to you, you will bring love to what you become and into every moment of your day.

Bring love into your future as your mind meets your heart on a more regular basis.

Remember to allow more love in your life, broader acceptance of yourself, more compassion, more honesty, more music, and more movement. When uniting your mind and heart you bring together your sense of self, allows you to merge in love with nature, and with your loved ones, and it does amplify your energy.

In conclusion, you are asked to allow the authentic expression of yourself, to accept seeing the truth that is coming out, on a personal relationship with ourselves and with others, while maintaining a place of calm and gentleness. A great new beginning is in place for humanity, an awakening, a propelling of new realities.

Be open, honest and courageous. It is time to think in a new and creative way.

Much Love,



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