A Portal Of Expansion And Freedom – Full Moon In Aquarius…

A Portal Of Expansion And Freedom – Full Moon In Aquarius

The recent New Moon in Cancer has put the brakes on the layers of the unacceptable states of denial that have spread over the last century from our modern way of living, and have recently gotten way out of control.

The Neptunian ethereal and more sensitive energy is slowing us down to show us the illusions and disillusion we are surrounded by as we start to notice the thinnest layers of the veils that we have pulled over our eyes for far too long. Cancer’s nature is to hold onto (longer than you should) what needs to go, but as we come closer to Leo’s season, we are starting to be able to let go of our ‘baby blankets’ and let the flow of passion and adventure enter our hearts.

The Cancer New Moon energy cycle will maximize its peak level with the Full Moon in Aquarius on Saturday, July 24th, 2021. Many different aspects of this Full Moon play a crucial role in making it fascinating and complex. Inspiration, exploration, and the need to take risks will bring your focus to the future and its opportunities. The Aquarius energy has a great pull towards moving into the future, and by contrast, you will become very aware of all that is holding you back, and you’ll have very little tolerance for it.

Aquarius is about viewing life with renewed lenses, discovering new aspects, receiving new ideas, and adopting new ways to see the world.

  • Are you participating in the Universal flow of evolution?
  • Are you afraid and resisting change?
  • Are you still in denial about who you are and what you want?

In a year characterized by change, most of us struggle between the past and future and need to keep things as we know them to be and witness our social structure going through difficult emotional tension for control and abuse of power. These shifts are happening inside and outside our homes, forcing us to finally review or dissolve relationships based on hidden chains of emotional, mental, or economic “slavery.”

Aquarius is about taking risks by daring to live at the highest level of integrity with who you are and what your dreams demand from you. Feel nurtured and secure to fulfill your life purpose, and refrain from caring what other people think about you and your choices.

Gratitude and intuition are themes that are also valid for this lunation.

Neptune in Mercury suggests you tune into your intuition to tap into your dreams and understand realities that are not visible to the common eye. Be kind, and be more sensitive to your needs and the needs of the people around you. Venus opposite Jupiter wants you to have fun, enjoy the moment, and relax with good company. Mars’s opposite Jupiter will give you the strength and the expansion needed to bring that project to the finish line with enthusiasm Mars’s fired action gives you the courage to speak up and create changes in everything inside and out. Warning! On a lower frequency, your buttons can be pushed, your anger can expand, and impatience and a short fuse can take over.

As we become more aware of how the planets influence our lives and the environment around us, we can use these energies to direct our attention to what we want to empower in ourselves and our life.


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