A Pivotal Turning Point With The Last Full Moon Of The Year!…

A Pivotal Turning Point With The Last Full Moon Of The Year!

On December 18th, 2021, we celebrate the last Full Moon of the year in conjunction with the constellation in Gemini.

The month of December 2021 is a critical time for our Earth because the Gemini Full Moon will reflect and amplify the illuminating Energy Codes present in the Cosmos.

The Sun is opposing Sagittarius in conjunction with the Galactic Center, giving us an opportunity to connect and receive information from our Galactic family.

This event amplifies our consciousness and sense of Self.

Through the rays of the Sun, this invisible Cosmic energy will be infusing the planet bringing higher consciousness, expansion, opening us to new frequencies that go beyond what we may know or expect.

Be ready to bathe in a field of love and wisdom.

The nature of Gemini also facilitates transmissions and messages, so this process will be amplified by this constellation.

An air sign, Gemini brings your focus into duality, highlights multiple areas of change in your life, inspires you to travel, adds movement into your routine, invites you to make more conscious choices, and take mindful actions.

Now it’s time to enter your story as the main character.

Enter the zero point, push the reset button, and consider new perspectives that demand a radical change of attitude.

As the year ends, assume an attitude of Self Mastery by pondering in reflection upon insights inspired by Spirit, slow down to discern the true nature of what is happening around you, and discover deeper meanings of life’s circumstances.

Without being too hard on yourself, observe your reactive self, your mental habits, and patterns, see the bigger picture and allow old parts of you to leave for good.

This attitude is in consonance with Venus entering retrograde until the end of January 2022.

Venus is rewinding to invite you to focus on what you are investing your energies in.

As Venus goes retrograde, she awakens the need for renovation, reconsideration of value systems, brings up self-worth issues, finances, and the ability to envision bigger structures while giving detailed guidance of what needs to go.

Take this time to review and process what this year has brought you.

Create stability by emphasizing the aspects that have value and significance in your life.

A strong Capricorn influence is also present (three planets are in Capricorn; Venus, Mercury, and Pluto) to support your sense of reliability and responsibility towards what you want to accomplish.

Jupiter is influencing both the Moon and the Sun with confidence and inspiration, giving you a push of optimism to help you get motivated to achieve your goals.


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