A Nurturing, Dependent, And Resilient Full Moon In Capricorn…

A Nurturing, Dependent, And Resilient Full Moon In Capricorn

On Thursday, June 24th, 2021, the Full moon in Capricorn will bring a wave of a gentle and soft touch in the vision of the Self.

Full Moons represent peaks and culminations of endings to create closure and open new paths for new beginnings. Every moment counts under the light of this Full Moon in Capricorn.

Capricorn is a sign of dedication, work, and career. This Full Moon will support us to create a more balanced life, allowing us to be in charge of our circumstances and dealing with authorities in new ways. Legal matters, institutions, livelihoods, laws, rules, and restrictions are being resolved.

This Full Moon is foreseeing humanity’s transformations dealing with the Old and the New.

A powerful opportunity is available to recognize the conditions that are fictions of the past and obstacles to your future. Check if you have based your views on programming that is not positive and is not serving your Soul. Take time to meditate and renew your commitment to what you love; decide what to keep and what has to go. Release what needs to go to open a new path of freedom.

The true nature of your feelings needs to be re-evaluated.

Be aware that High Order and High Purpose are being installed at this time by attitudes of joy, enthusiasm, and balance. A renewal process will manifest through positive ideas, curated by the brilliance of the mind and by accepting life for what it is—practice building a solid structure with patience.

On the other end, it will magnify your pain and limit your access to the truth if you engage in past drama. Connect to Capricorn’s energy of Order and Wisdom to accept this learning process since every event serves the Soul somehow.

Focus on positive events, be hopeful, and ready to receive the abundance of healing that is showering on you right now.

Capricorn is associated with Leadership. How do you contribute to the whole? Do you understand your nature concerning your service?

Reflect on events or themes that have importance in your life and see how you have contributed to the whole. The light of the Capricorn Full Moon will shine strong and bright for you to see your nature and the way you express it to serve humanity.

Saturn opposing Mars will magnify the health of your Free Will. Are you exercising your Free Will, or have you allowed it to be stifled?

Intense emotions are awakening people around the issues of control and freedom.

Know that your Soul breathes through your level of truth and accountability (Pluto in Capricorn) as we enter an intense, fast-moving period of truth-revealing news that will allow us to move forward in leaps and bounds.

High and intense emotions will fill the next few months!

A cosmic energy coming in from the Summer Solstice is shifting us individually and changing the collective direction. By unrevealing belief systems and creating an energetical turning point, we enter a new dimension.

It’s time to focus on joy and envision your bigger dreams.

Be aware that you are setting the ground for your future. Focusing on the negative aspect of the past will slow down the new and even miss the possibility of starting on a new path.

Relationships are also coming to the point of review; observe yourself in your relationships and see the changes of attitude that need to happen.

With Radical Love,



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