A New Direction For Humanity; October New SuperMoon In Libra…

A New Direction For Humanity; October New SuperMoon In Libra

October is a special month filled with many celestial events, making it a “rebirth” month for humanity. It also counts three lunar cycles; after the Super Full Moon in Virgo on October 1st, it follows a New Super Moon in Libra on the 16th, concluding with another Full Moon in Taurus at the end of the month, on October 31st.

Because so much is happening in the sky growth is happening rapidly, feelings are easily triggered, and truths are being revealed, creating distress and sometimes a loss of hope.

But, at the same time, it can be a very healing period as we are called to rethink our lives and to accept what we have rejected in denial. It is definitely a great time of personal and global evolution, for a radical shift of direction is shaping up on a planetary level.

A New Moon is a new beginning and an opportunity to ponder what we can do on a personal level to contribute to the whole.

The Libra’s influence is bringing in a needed sense of balance, harmony, and love. It also brings a new justice and a balance that is born from the courage to speak up and not settle.

In particular, relationships are touched by this New Moon in Libra.

Are you truly happy? Are you being seen and heard in your interactions? Is there a part of you that is used to being neglected or ignored?

Of course, the most important relationship is with ourselves. If we suffer from an unsatisfactory relationship, we need to find the seeds of that lack within ourselves first, and then be honest about our feelings with the people we interact with.

This lunar cycle is shaking everything that is stuck, forgotten, and abandoned. We all need to awaken deep inside, in our core-self, our soul-self, to be able to awaken to the new life that wants to be born here on this planet.

As we allow these vibes to penetrate our being, we can use Libra’s harmonious frequency to stay calm, build a solid ground, and plant the seeds of the new Self that is emerging.

Mars retrograde opposite to Aries is shaking up the contraction of the old order.

Mars retrograde’s decisiveness asks us to review our imbalances – whether we are too indecisive or too bossy – and take actions towards a new path. If you choose to look deep into yourself, you may find yourself ready to step into territories that felt inaccessible just not long ago.

The Divine Feminine has been activated by Mars’s grace stepping out of the old patriarchal male patterns.

Mars is honoring the feminine ways of using intuition to create successful negotiations, opening the heart to resolve quarrels instead of fighting back (forever), and using compassion with oneself and others to achieve a place of peace and forgiveness.

With Venus moving in Virgo, the feminine has a special light shining through.

This is a time to beautify yourself, care for yourself, and give value to your beauty externally and internally. Be aware of what you feed yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Do you take time to fill your aura with light? Do you choose food that is nurturing and delicious? Do you feel that you are worthy of love?

Venus, Virgo, the Moon, and Earth are all strong feminine forces and create a beautiful momentum to help humanity’s heart wake up to the beauty of love and respect for each other.

Mercury will retrograde a few days prior to the New Moon. Its unpredictability may force you to add some creative input to your routine and put extra focus on your project, just to find out that you can achieve unexpected results if you get out of your way. Mercury retrograde can mess up your schedule, but you can use this time to exercise flexibility and improvise new ways to reach your goals.

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