A Messenger From The Cosmos: The Taurus Full Moon Eclipse, Friday, November 19th, 2021…

A Messenger From The Cosmos: The Taurus Full Moon Eclipse, Friday, November 19th, 2021

A high cosmic point is manifesting with the first Taurus Eclipse Full Moon of the season on Friday, November 19th, 2021.

The energy of a very powerful upgrade has begun with the New Moon in Scorpio event on November 4th. As we move closer to the Taurus Eclipse, we can sense a lot of energy moving through our physical bodies and on the spiritual plane to wake us up and face what we are going through.

The last new Moon in Scorpio emphasized the energies that are “running the show” in our lives underneath all the appearances, pointing out that self-sacrifice is one of the archetypes that has been portrayed as the “hero” in the collective consciousness.

Look inside and see if parts of yourself have been lost for the sake of others, or by following false masters, or maybe by giving away your precious time and talent to causes, or people that don’t deserve you or don’t match your beliefs and principles.

Unfortunately, in the name of self-sacrifice, we have abandoned our common sense and compromised our integrity and dreams.

During the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus, we still feel the influence of Scorpio, since the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are opposite to Scorpio, making us aware of the hidden agendas of others as well as discovering more of our deep motivations.

Be aware that Scorpio’s sense of secrecy may allow you to indulge in relationships that disconnect you from your power and energy source, making your life painful, confusing, and even dangerous.

Often detaching from what you know can create doubts and regrets in spite of the fact that you are aware that the situation is not serving your best interests. Grief and a sense of loss may confuse you when it’s time to let go of a familiar situation that has a negative impact on you.

The light of this Eclipse in Taurus is about releasing, letting go, wiping out doubts, and shining clarity on your path, allowing you to make positive life-changing decisions.

Transparency and clarity will be available to you as you are committed to continuing to reach a newer level of personal freedom, self-value, and self-love.

Venus, Ruler of Taurus, is working to support you by gently revealing the truth of the source you connect with. Notice that when it is not your higher source, it may feel like a link to dimensions that are taking your energy rather than supporting it.

Taurus brings stability and the ability to enjoy the physical world. Its energy brings balance by outlining the need to appreciate what you have and what is serving you, guiding the transformation to begin from a space of gratitude.

These upgrades are preparing you to embrace the most expanded parts of yourself.

Your Divine Self and Divine Purpose are reclaiming their spot in your life.

Be ready to look at yourself with an eagle eye and understand ALL you are.


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