A Letter To Your Broken Heart, Pretty Girl..…

A Letter To Your Broken Heart, Pretty Girl..

It hurts. Oh honey, it hurts like your heart stopped beating. Well, it did, metaphorically, didn’t it?

Yeah, I know, crying doesn’t help, but you can’t seem to stop. Screaming feels good, but not when you’re suffocating into your pillow.

I get it. You aren’t crazy for feeling this way. This numbing, yet painful, earth shattering and confused way.

You were going to spend your life with them. I know you wanted to too, more than anything.

You were going to spend your life with them, until you weren’t. If you’re reading this now and you don’t know why it happened… trust me there IS a reason.

You can’t see it now, and you won’t feel it for awhile. So breathe. Work through the pain. Let yourself heal. Give your own heart a break and let your mind find some peace.

Love yourself again pretty girl. You deserve to. You deserve the world. I know you wanted that world you had pictured in your head. Trust me though, it wouldn’t have played out that way. The universe knew and it saved you. You were saved from what could’ve been a lifetime of miserable hell.

It hurts now. Oh how I know. But it won’t always hurt and it won’t always make you sad. One day it will be in the past, the reasoning will be clear, and you’ll be able to breathe and live again.

Hold on for now. Feel all the pain, but get through it, don’t drown in it. It won’t be like this for long. And you, you are so strong.

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