A Letter To You. Give Yourself A Dream…

A Letter To You. Give Yourself A Dream

An invitation.

With Intention.

For this year 2020, I’ve created a calendar with lots of opportunities to honor your soul, only 11 souls are welcome each Experience…

Experiences of 3 Nights or 4 Nights… because I know how hard is to make space and take that time for yourself.

So I’ve designed something short but transformational.

Joyful and Intentional.

Yes, not far from home in The Heart of Mallorca, Spain.

I invite You to come here and gain back your center.

What belongs to you. Your bliss!

Take your time to do the things You like and envision that life you love.

I´ve crafted a space to be humans and do the things we love!

Yes, feel the nature, connect, nurture with good Mediterranean food,  share with like-minded people, feel alive, practice yoga & have a pleasant long sleep…

Yes, dear a dream getaway.

This year I invite you to welcome change, don’t be afraid to go after what you want, give yourself a dream!

Maybe you don’t have that dream yet, or you are afraid to express it.

And I know how difficult is to show up for yourself.

But I trust you.

You can create anything.

You can always choose love.

I’ve invited friends, family, and other beautiful souls from all around the globe to vibrate and create a new world.

Join and Together let’s materialize that vision and make it real!

With Love,



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Carmen Gomez -The Heart Balance-

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After more than 20 years of self-experimentation with yoga, ancestral wisdom, and loss. I´ve developed my own easy-to-implement self-ease routines.…

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