A Flower Blooms In The Garden Of The King…

A Flower Blooms In The Garden Of The King

It is easy to see the dirt

and curse its lack of worth

but courage is seen in the tender stem peeking

through the mud that gave it birth

It is considered normal to rage at the storm

among the lost souls bearing the mark of Cain

but strength is seen in the plant that rises

fueled by the lashing rain

It is considered honorable to say an ugly thing

which is why so many of these things are said

but ugly words cannot change the truth of spring

the power of the sun, melting away the bleak midwinter

revealing you in all your natural beauty

a flower, bursting into splendor

refreshed in the wonder of his grace

the knowledge of your value, precious in the sight of God

someone priceless, someone with a place

reserved in the gardens of the king

squarely in the center of his affection

a place no one but you, can stop you from taking…


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Kelvin Bueckert


Kelvin Bueckert currently lives and writes on the vast untamed plains of Manitoba, Canada. He has been previously published in…

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