A Few Tips To Feel More Present…

A Few Tips To Feel More Present

We often get so stressed and exhausted in our daily routines that we often don ́t even know what is being present. That state of simply being. Feeling ourselves. Hearing our breaths. Enjoying the peace and calm in our hearts. Hearing that inner voice deep inside that has all the answers.

Sometimes I feel like I’m just lost in the hurry when I have to do all those things… That I make myself having to do! I can get so lost and anxious. In such times what I do to help myself to get out of that loop and feel in harmony again is:

– Take an inspiring online course

– Do conscious/gratitude walks

– Stay in a park

– Adjust my diet

– Change my sports and yoga routine

Can an online course help?

Today there are many resources, I use one or two where I know I’ll find something with deep meaning for me. I apply for a course that lasts about 3 weeks. I choose the ones that don’t require doing too much on a day. Such courses can offer meaningful tasks like journalling or meditating that will bring me to AWAREness. This is what I enjoy so much. Becoming AWARE of my surroundings, of my feelings, of my breath. Only then can I connect with the deepest parts of myself, with my heart, my center.

Take a conscious walk

This is where you turn your phone off or leave it at home! I love it and I always suffer at first a bit, because usually I must have my phone around at all times. But that’s the time when you make an intention on walking in awareness, just being out there. No phones, no music, just you and the world that surrounds you.

The best places are the forest or the sea coast, for instance. If that’s not the case, just go to the park in your city. Walk with any pace you like – as long as you can focus on your breathing, look around and notice little things you usually miss out: little leaves on the trees, the odor of flowers, birds, dogs, stones of unusual forms, even the people. Maybe when you are truly present you ́ll even connect with someone looking into each other’s eyes, just for a few seconds, and this could be the deepest experience of contact with someone.

That magic Park

Just go outside, maybe take a thermos with tea, a book, and sit in the spot you like. Look at the children, dogs playing, at the shadows of the trees – whatever there is. Close your eyes and breathe. Just BE… Allow yourself to let go. Just for a while. Drink that tea you brought with you. These little escapes feel longer than they take because they make us slow down. If you do that a couple times a week, your week will feel filled with more meaning and pleasure.

Diet matters

Often times when I feel exhausted I need to stop and observe how my diet is at that time. Usually what drains my energy is:

– eating chocolate and wheat

– eating late in the evenings

– drinking coffee

– drinking too little water

When I feel exhausted I adjust my diet as much as it’s possible at that moment, taking out these foods and coffee. Adding more water also works wonders: it really increases your energy.

We are all different. Observe what works for you and what doesn ́t. Make changes in your regimen to feel at your best.

Switch your physical activity

Sometimes when you feel tired it ́s a good idea to stop. Leave out physical activity for a few days and reconnect with your space of calm first, take regular walks and adjust your diet. Then Do something you usually don ́t. Start jogging for 20 minutes three times a week with one or two days breaks in between.

Do 30 minutes of yoga and meditate right after that. Choose workout videos you like and do short workouts followed by contrast shower afterwards. Make it a habit.

Gradually, these little changes will serve to calm you down and help to reconnect with inner silence and peace. That space where you will be able to find new energy, feel more creative, and receive insights.


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