A Fertile Motherly Cancer New Moon Will Bring You Home on June 29th, 2022…

A Fertile Motherly Cancer New Moon Will Bring You Home on June 29th, 2022

It’s time for introspection and investigation under the guidance of the New Moon in Cancer on June 29th, 2022.

The New Moon in Cancer is setting a path for new beginnings and is opening a point of reset in the areas related to our family, our ancestral lineage, and the emotional and karmic life that comes with our roots.

Cancer is a Cardinal water sign and represents the ultimate mother energy; it governs the fourth house where we connect with family, our community, and our sense of belonging.

The heart is the center of our focus during this upcoming lunar cycle.

The New Moon, the ruler of Cancer, enhances the mother’s nourishing, sweet, and gentle energy that supports vulnerability and intimacy in a safe space. Doing so allows us to be in touch with what we feel, sense, and intuit emotionally and energetically and use our subtle body to enter our quantum fertile fields of manifestation.

This lunar cycle offers a unique opportunity to enter the emotional world of our family tree. With intuition and clarity, you can liberate the parts of you that exist in parallel dimensions, forged by the molds of past generations, traditions, and models that are not serving your evolution.

Lots of Magic is Happening in the Womb of the Cosmos.

We all come from a womb. As we choose our parents, we start to walk a path partially predestined by the imprinted codes passed on in the memory of our mother’s womb. It takes constant inner work and the ability to look inside, to become aware of the matrix we are born in, transform it and make it our own.

Are You Ready to Come Back Home?

The Divine Mother is planting new seeds of love for a future with no precedence. The Sun and Moon conjunct are opening a new space within us to know and understand ourselves better, listen and trust our expression, and be safe enough to feel relaxed and ready to nest in our new path.

To help jump-start this process, Jupiter in Aries provides a square with Cancer to push us into this new introspection without hesitation. Jupiter reinvigorates this new cycle by infusing it with joy and enthusiasm, bringing the courage to start a new adventure and a motivation to achieve a deep connection with our divine nature.

Venus in Gemini also contributes warmth, acceptance, generosity, beauty, and optimistic energy.

The feminine has undergone a significant transformation, and now it’s time for the womb to get a cosmic makeover.

Mars and Chiron in Aries will be taking care of the broken heart of our inner child. We all have had many moments in which emotions, interpretations, and real-life events have shut down, hurt, or even damaged our sweet little selves.

Aries is putting into motion the power of Mars with the wounded healer Chiron to let us know that we are ready to let go of the scars of our past and move on. The Cancer mother energy is healing traumas related to the abused and abusive feminine. It’s asking us to forgive our mothers and the mothers before them. To transmute and release all that has been perpetrated out of unconditional and pure love.

The Black Moon Lilly is also an essential part of this lunation. Powerful and feminine, the Black Moon Lilly, linked to Kali, the Indian Goddess, stations on each planet for nine months, precisely the amount of time of human gestation. The Black Moon Lilly in Cancer represents the wild feminine, uncompromising, fearlessly fighting for the truth to come out, for the children, for mothers and families to be empowered, protected, and guided.

Neptune, the planet of Spirit, is going retrograde on the 28th to show us how to heal eons of dark magic, spiritual manipulation, drug abuse, and toxins.

Mercury sextile Chiron will inspire the channeling of sound and language to heal, console and connect.

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