A Dream…

Back in a time when fairy tales and make believe came true…

We met in dreams of yesterday, in search of a path of happiness we both truly deserved. During the journey through our magical land, all I remember is the warmth of your smile and the sparkle in your eyes. We turned our backs to face the future, only to separate with promises of tomorrow.

Our hearts are all grown up now. Passions and hopes abused by those dearest to us.

There is the sparkle again. I have been expecting your return for days too numbered to remember. Haunted by the pain of past crossroads, we have shown our souls to but a few.

Do you still remember me?

Come then again and dream…

Only let’s not turn our backs this time and wander. Together we can challenge the obstacles along the way. The walls we’ve built around us can crumble with the blink of an eye. We understand the fragility of life and the magic we can share.

Open your eyes now and look deeply into mine. Remember where we have been to chart a course of where we are going.

Be my soul mate and explorer…

Forever my Friend.


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Martin Kupper


I Am… a connector of relationships that ignite passion, purpose and possibility.

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